Libs Think Comey Firing Shows ‘Consciousness of Guilt’

If you do something wrong, and someone knows about it, what are you doing to do about that person? You are probably going to try to keep them close so that you can keep an eye on them, right? You want to make sure you are keeping them happy so that they do not “tell” on you.

Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey. If Trump was trying to hide something, the last thing he would have done is fire the man who allegedly had dirt on him.

Liberals have dug a hole so deep, they are nearly into China. They haven’t found a single incriminating thing about Trump, so they continue to dig. We can only sit here and wonder what the next made up scandal will be.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is echoing former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon’s position that President Trump made a mistake firing FBI Director James Comey.
He said, “I think firing Comey shows consciousness of guilt,” he continued, “If he didn’t have anything to worry about, then why would you fire the person who was investigating you?” Swalwell added.
Trump dismissed Comey in May. The FBI chief was at the time leading the federal investigation into allegations of collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russia during last year’s presidential race. Trump later said that “this Russia thing” was on his mind when he fired Comey.
Democrats have argued that Trump potentially obstructed justice in firing the person leading the federal Russia probe. Swalwell said that firing Comey could be used if a case is brought against Trump.

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