Little Rock Teachers Complain About Having to Wear Bras And Underwear

When I was in high school in the late 1960s, we had fairly strict dress codes.  No facial hair, boys’ hair could not be passed the collar, no t-shirts of any kind, a girl’s dress could be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee and everyone was expected to wear appropriate underwear.

Over the past forty years schools across the country have relaxed their dress codes.  Hair was allowed to grow on the face and beyond the shoulders.  Dresses shortened and shorts were allowed.  T-shirts became the predominant wear for boys and many girls.  In many schools, bras and underwear were optional and not mandated.  It was the age of free spirits.

Over the past decade, many school districts have learned that the free spirit attitude in dress and other matters can be quite disruptive to the educational process and have been enacting stricter dress codes.  But who would have thought that a school district would end up having to pass a stricter dress code for the teachers, as well as the students?

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Dexter Suggs, the Superintendent of the Little Rock school district, co-authored a letter with the president of the teacher’s union, Cathy Koehler that lays out the new rules for faculty.  Among the new rules was the requirement for foundational garments, including bras and underwear.  After the letter went out, Suggs received so many complaints from teachers about having to meet the new dress code, including the wearing of bras and underwear that the provision has been delayed for another year.

Numerous teachers complained that the union president was involved in establishing the new dress and Koehler responded by saying:

“No Dress Code could ever meet every person’s concerns or point-of-view. At best, one could hope to have something that did the least amount of harm to employees.”

Notice that the union president said that she worked for a dress code that had the least amount of harm on the faculty.  In other words, having to wear bras and underwear could be harmful to teachers.  Additionally, not being allowed to wear halter tops, sheer or torn tops or backless dresses could also be harmful to the faculty.  They aren’t allowed to wear jeans, except on special occasions and they cannot wear any clothing with patches or anything that contained references to obscenities, sexual issues, alcohol and cigarettes.  Any of these things, according to the union president, could be harmful to teachers.

It’s really sad when our culture has degenerated so far that teachers are forced to dress modestly when teaching students.  No wonder we hear so many news reports of teachers losing their jobs and going to jail for have sexual relations with students.  With so many teachers dressing so inappropriately and being so promiscuous with their students, is it any wonder that we have produced a generation of sexual perverts and deviates?

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