LOL! Steyn Breaks it to Waters: ‘Tweeting isn’t Grounds for Impeachment’

In Auntie Maxine’s attempt to stay ‘woke’ she misplaced her common sense.

Rep. Maxine Waters is pushing hard for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. However, there is no incriminating dirt on him. Democrats and the establishment alike simply do not like him because they cannot control him. Therefore, they push for his removal.

Canadian human rights activist Mark Steyn responded to a tweet by Waters when she said, “Trump may have his foot on the necks of every Rep in this House. But he will not stop the justice Mueller will bring. #Getreadyforimpeachement”

Steyn also touched on Waters’ recent charade of chanting “Impeach 45” at the Glamour Magazine’s annual Women of the Year awards show.

“OK. You have to be a congressman to forward articles of impeachment. Go ahead, make my day,” he said, “At some point people actually have to call their bluff.”

Steyn also said the Democrats call for impeachment is “extreme.”

“Tweeting isn’t grounds for impeachment,” he added. 

Fox News Insider reports: 

Steyn said one can only push things to the extreme “so far” before they ruin the ability for Congress to govern.

Tucker Carlson asked Steyn why younger Democrats are gravitating toward former Vice President Joe Biden as a 2020 presidential contender.

Steyn riffed that septuagenarians like Biden, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) can look to Zimbabwe and Mugabe as reason to say it is still their time to govern.

He pointed to the 93-year-old leader and said that being an elderly candidate by U.S. standards isn’t the same in other places.

“So, if you’re Bernie or Hillary… you’re thinking ‘well, look at old Bob over in Harare, I’ve got another two decades before they put me under house arrest,” Steyn concluded

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