Bachmann, Tea Party — Media Rounds Up Suspects in Sikh Temple Shooting

See the most recent update at the end of this article.

When a gunman burst into a Milwaukee Sikh temple on Sunday, he killed at least six people and wounded three others, terrorizing a quiet community that had been gathering for weekend religious services.

Once it was announced that the shooter was a bald white male with tattoos, the liberals’ latest witch hunt began.

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The media picked up on one witness’s comment that the shooting was a hate crime and ran with it.

On Twitter, messages began flying that blamed conservatives, the Tea Party and Michele Bachmann for the shootings.

“Michele Bachmann must be so proud of her anti-Muslim sermons. Finally, someone took her message seriously in Wisconsin this morning,” said one Twit named @SaberGato, who used the tagline “TeaPartyIsTheKKK.”

“Michele Bachmann invents Islamophobic conspiracy and someone shoots up a temple. Is she happy now?” wrote fellow Twit @jc_currin.

Many in the Twitter set seemed not to realize that Sikhs are not Muslim. Sikhs in fact practice Sikhism, a religion that originated in 15th century Punjab. Sikhs believe in one supreme God, universal brotherhood and the inherent equality of all mankind. They follow the teachings of their gurus.

Sikhs are almost diametrically removed from Islam, which demands adherents conquer, dominate and kill infidels. However, because the men wear turbans and the women head scarves, they fit into the Hollywood-projected image of what Muslims look like.

(Bachmann for her part ignored the latest frame job and tweeted her prayers for the victims of the shooter.)

When the FBI took over the case and labeled it an investigation of “domestic terrorism,” it was plain where the narrative was going.

Despite the investigators keeping mum about the suspect’s identity, ABC reported “sources” attributing the killings to a “white supremacist” or “skinhead.”

Fox reported “sources” that said the suspect had military training.

Since the beginning of the Obama Administration, the federal government has been looking for home-grown, right-wing, preferably Christian, terrorists to fight. In April 2009, just a few months into Obama’s term, DHS issued a report warning about “rising right-wing extremism,” even  though there were no such incidents at the time. The report stirred up a lot of controversy for labeling military veterans as potential terrorists.

More recently, in July, a DHS study labeled people who are suspicious of centralized government and who are “reverent of individual liberty” as potential terrorists.

With every mass shooting during the Obama years, the media have been quick to jump for any sort of a Tea Party, Christian or conservative connection.

The shooting Sunday presents another opportunity.

Because of the dumbing down of our education system and the general lack of knowledge of history on the part of the public, the average American these days seems to equate Nazis, the KKK and racism with conservative Christians, despite the glaring oxymoron and the historical fact that the Nazis and KKK were products of the Left, which to this day is obsessed with dividing Americans by race.

At first blush, the description of the Sikh temple shooter sounds like the Left may have finally hit the jackpot, a bald white male with tattoos. If one or more tattoos turns out to be a white power slogan or a swastika, then it will be off to the races for the media and the Democratic Party.

The story line will be that the shooter was a right-wing extremist Islamophobe, because the Left can’t tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim, and it thinks we can’t either. Count on multiple calls for new gun restrictions.

The shooter also clearly wasn’t a Christian no matter what he may have called himself in life, but if he ever so much as set foot on church property, count on Christians’ good name being dragged through the mud again.

Reasonable people won’t fall for it, and some of those who do will eventually realize the truth, but among the dim lights of the Left, the story will likely take root.

Here we go again.


Update, Aug. 6, 9 a.m. Pacific time — The story is unfolding as expected. The suspect has been identified as 40-year-old Army veteran Wade Michael Page, a former psychological operations specialist. (Interesting how our recent shooters had jobs that involve messing with people’s brains.)

Page is being described by the Left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center as a “frustrated neo-Nazi” with a 9-11 tattoo, who was in a racist metal band.

On cue, the chairman of the 1,295-member U.S. Conference of Mayors, named Michael Nutter (what are the odds?), called for more gun laws to stop the violence. Perhaps someone should point out to Nutter that the violence was already stopped by a police officer with a gun.

On social media, the Twits were at it, blaming everybody on the Right from Michele Bachmann to Fox News for the shootings.

“It may be time for Fed law enforcement to look at those who may use speech to incite violence, ie, Michele Bachmann, Limbaugh, Fox, Beck,” wrote Twitter user @Voter99percent.

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