Los Angeles Should Change Name to Los Diablos

Los Angeles – the City of Angels should change its name to Los Diablos – the City of Devils.  The perverse and repulsive world of pornography has now made it to the ballot box in the city of sin.

Los Angeles is home to a large portion of the adult film industry.  Many young people, male and female, make their way to tinsel town with dreams of stardom and glamour.  It doesn’t take long for the reality of life to set in and money to run out, forcing many to return home.  The cost of living in LA is not cheap.

Others are more determined and do everything they can to remain in the city, always hoping that their chance lie just around the corner, but they eventually realize that the only thing around the next corner is just another corner.

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In desperation, they end up in the world of pornography, committing sinful acts on film so that others can commit equally sinful acts at home and elsewhere.  It also doesn’t take long to find out that there is another serious downside that off sets the money to be made.

Sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS are one of the more serious consequences of the porn business.  The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been trying to get city and state governments to enact legislation requiring actors in the porn industry use condoms or other viable means to prevent the further spread of AIDS and other STDs.

According to Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation,

“All politicians have treated this as a hot potato issue.  The city punts to the county, the county punts to the state, and the State Legislature has punted. We’ve taken it to the voters as a last resort, and that is testimony to the lack of leadership on the issue.”

Apparently, they have now succeeded in getting such a measure to be placed on the ballot in the next city election.  The general public will be asked whether or not they want to pass a law that requires pornographic actors to wear condoms and be charged a fee to pay for city inspectors to watch and make sure they comply.

Just getting such a measure on the ballot is legitimizing an industry that is so perverse and anti-biblical that it makes me want to wretch just thinking about it.  Whether the voters of Los Angeles vote for or against the measure, the ballot issue is forcing people to accept the porn industry as just another business that’s no different than auto repair or retail sales.

Not only should this issue never be placed on a ballot, but the entire porn industry should be treated like any other immoral lifestyle and be abolished and removed from within the US borders.

From the founding of our nation up to less than a century ago, most Americans would take action against people who publicly committed such acts.  They would be tarred and feathers and run out town on a rail.  In colonial days, the act of adultery was punished with public humiliation and jail.

What’s happening in Los Angeles is a sign of God’s judgment on our nation as we read in Romans 1:18-31.  The slippery slope to destruction is getting steeper and more slippery, and it won’t be much longer until we won’t be able to stop sliding and we find our nation in complete and utter ruin

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