You Lost Your Job, Now Party

Leave it to Democratic politicians to suggest that not only is the record number of people leaving the labor force not a bad thing, but that the continuing loss of jobs and reduction of hours because of their policies is “a great opportunity” to finally kick back and relax.

Not only has the vernacular being thrown around Washington circles changed from talking about people being fired to people being “freed” from a job, but we’re being told that the policies created by the Obama Administration and the Democrat-led Congress are important to American society because they allow parents to come home and “actually be able to cook dinner.”

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve felt a burning need to relax and cook dinner, I managed to do it outside of work hours. Apparently, Democrats don’t know how to do that without being fired or having their work hours cut. That’s not a bad idea in the case of Democratic members of Congress, but for most of us, it raises a question about being able to afford the food to cook during all those fancy family meals.

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Rep. Keith Ellison, on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” defended Obamacare, which according to the Congressional Budget Office is going to eliminate millions of jobs in the next few years, saying, “We are going to have parents being able to come home, working reasonable hours. People are going to be able to retire. People might actually be able to cook dinner rather than have to order out and get some takeout.”

Reality check, Keith: If people are cooking at home more often, it’s not because of the “great opportunity” you’ve given them, it’s because no one can afford fast food, which is already overpriced and is only going to get more expensive when you morons raise the minimum wage.

Of course, Ellison didn’t have this brilliant bit of brain flatulence alone. The entire party is taking its cues from the reptile queen, Mrs. “Unemployment Checks are Stimulus” herself, Nancy Pelosi, who last week said, “What we see is that people are leaving their jobs because they are no longer job-locked. They are following their aspirations to be a writer; to be self-employed; to start a business. This is the entrepreneurial piece. So it’s not going to cost jobs. It’s going to shift how people make a living and reach their aspirations.”

(Take it from a self-employed writer: All you people who populate Pelosi’s fantasy world need to get real jobs, because you’re driving my wages down.)

Multimillionaire Pelosi continued opining on the state of America’s unemployed: “This was one of the goals, to give people life, a healthy life, liberty to pursue their happiness. And that liberty is to not be job-locked, but to follow their passion.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth: One of the goals of Obamacare was to reduce the number of people working so that we could become a nation full of writers.

Ellison also pushed this notion, saying we shouldn’t fret over the lack of jobs due to Obamacare because “if you look at international comparisons country by country, Americans work way more that the average of industrialized countries around the world.”

It’s interesting to note that President Obama, in discussing his plans for usurping Congress’ powers in his recent State of the Union address, brought up a proposal to reorganize federal job training programs. Evidently the White House feels not all of the unemployed are cut out to be self-employed writers.

(In fact, the current government programs, at least in California, have been pushing the long-term unemployed to train as teachers. Now there’s a shortage of available teaching positions. More government planning in action.)

The Democrats’ response to the continuing deterioration of the employment landscape is schizophrenic. It has to be. On the one hand, they’ll boast about the low unemployment percentage (obtain through the magic of statistics), then blame the GOP for the shrinking labor force participation rate. They’ll boast about the couple of dozen people who have successfully signed up and paid for their Obamacare plan, then turn around and claim the millions of job-hours it will cost Americans are a “great opportunity” to have a backyard barbecue.

If the Democratic Party ever started dealing in the plain, unspun truth, its members would probably implode like the Nazgul in “Return of the King.”

The day the president and every Democrat in Congress loses his job — now that will be a day to party.

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