Louisiana Voters Give Decisive Victory to Republican Senate Candidate

In 2010, voters sent a message to Barack Obama that they were unhappy with the way he was running the country. Reeling from having Obamacare forced upon on us even though the majority of Americans were against it, voters returned control of the House to Republicans.

In 2012, the majority of voters proved that they were uninformed and blindly stupid as they re-elected Obama to the White House. A few states had some more intelligent voters as they gave the GOP a few more Senate seats, but it wasn’t enough to give them control.

For the next two years, Congress virtually came to a stalemate as the Democratic Senate refused to work with the Republican House. If there was any compromise, it was always due to House Speaker John Boehner surrendering to the demands of Harry Reid and Obama.

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After two years of frustration and disappointment, Americans realized that the Democratic controlled Senate was a huge problem. They were finally waking up and seeing Harry Reid for what he was, a tyrant who refused to entertain anything the GOP House sent to the Senate and then accuse the House of being unwilling to compromise.

Voters were also growing tired of Obama and his anti-American policies and the many scandals that pointed the finger of guilt directly at the White House. Americans were seeing just how corrupt Obama was and how little he cared for the Constitution and the law.

Heading into the 2014 midterm elections, all Republicans needed to do was win 6 additional Senate seats to give them control both the Senate and House. Many Democrat incumbents did their best to distance themselves from Obama, but it was too late.

Within two days after the election, it was clear that Republicans had gained 7 seats in the Senate with two races still undecided. It took nearly a week for the final count in Alaska, but when that count came in voters had given the GOP their 8th gained seat.

The last race was Louisiana. According to Louisiana law, if no candidate won 50% of the vote that a runoff election between the top two candidates would decide who wins. Democrat Mary Landrieu was a three term Senate incumbent. She held a powerful position as Chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee. She even tried to get fellow Democrats to vote for the Keystone XL Pipeline in order to save her position, but her efforts were not enough.

The runoff election was held this past Saturday and by the time the polls closed at 8pm, some news agencies were already declaring Republican Bill Cassidy as the winner. I watched the results come in and from the very first reporting to when the final count was done, Cassidy maintained a sizeable lead. When all of the votes were counted, the voice of the voters echoed loudly as Cassidy defeated Landrieu 55.9% to 44.1%.

Cassidy is the first Republican to win that Senate since 1883. He will join fellow Republican Senator David Vitter who won his Senate seat in 2005. Vitter was the first Republican to hold that Senate seat since 1872, meaning that come January will be the first time in 143 years that Louisiana will have two Republicans in the US Senate at the same time. It seems that Louisiana voters really had to be fed up with Democrats and let the rest of the nation know it.

The next two years promise to be filled with fireworks as the Republican controlled Congress squares off with Barack Obama. I’m sure we’ll see a number of vetoes from the White House and unfortunately, Republicans don’t have enough seats in either the House or Senate to override those vetoes, but if Democrats have learned anything from this year’s midterm election, they won’t side with Obama if they want to be re-elected in 2016, so there is always a chance that Republicans can actually accomplish some good for the nation and steer us back on the right path.

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