Lowe’s Threatened With Lawsuit for Pulling Ad from Muslim Program

Consumers have long held some influence with companies that advertise to the public.  When there are enough consumer complaints raised with a company, the company sometimes responds by pulling the ads or from running their ads during certain programs.

Not long ago, a major clothing company was prompted to pull ads that aired during a popular children’s program because they were too sexually explicit and inappropriate for young children.  This is all part of the free market enterprise system and the desire to keep customers satisfied.

At least that’s been the norm until recently.

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Lowe’s Home Improvement centers were running their ads during the airing of a new reality show, All-American Muslim.  It didn’t take long before Lowe’s started receiving complaints from their customers.  Some accused Lowe’s of supporting a program that promoted Islamic ideas and agendas.  In response to the number of complaints they received, along with pressure from the Florida Family Association, Lowe’s decided to pull their advertising support of the Muslim reality show.

David Caton, executive director of the Florida Family Association says that since they launched a campaign against any advertising on the Muslim program that they have come under attack.   Their server has been hacked into and he has been receiving harassing telephone calls including death threats.

In response to Lowe’s actions, California State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) is now threatening to take legal action against the home improvement giant claiming their pulling the ads amount to religious discrimination.  He referred to Lowe’s actions as being ‘un-American’ and guilty of ‘naked religious bigotry.’

Michigan State Rep Rashida Tlaib, has also condemned Lowe’s for giving into the demands of what she refers to as a group of hateful bigots.

I’m always amazed when Muslims refer to Christians as hateful bigots when it is their own religion that refers to all non-Muslims as infidels that need to convert to Islam or be killed.  Christianity encourages the evangelism and prayer for non-Christians, but does not advocate that they be killed for not converting to Christianity.  Talk about a hypocritical double standard!

However, Lowes was not the only company to remove their ads from All-American Muslim.  According to California Republican Assembly spokesperson Cathy Carlson, “Lowe’s is a business — and yes, it’s the right business decision.  And they’re not the only ones — there were dozens of advertisers who pulled their sponsorship.”

If Lowe’s had done the same thing with a Christian or Jewish program, no one, especially Sen Lieu or Sen Tlaib would even have taken notice, let alone threaten to take any legal action.

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