Madonna’s Gay Brother Defends Christian Kim Davis

The homosexual community has descended in force to destroy the life and career of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. Once they heard that she was refusing to issue marriage licenses, gay and lesbian couples traveled to Ashland, Kentucky just to be part of the feeding frenzy designed to devour a woman who was standing firm on her Christian faith.

They forced a judge to put Davis in jail for supposedly violating the law, yet I’ve already written that Davis did not violate any law. The Supreme Court ruled the law defining marriage as one man and one woman to be unconstitutional, but they did not create any law allowing same-sex unions to be defined as marriage.

However, the point that so many are refusing to acknowledge is that the First Amendment gives us the right to the free exercise of our religion and the Tenth Amendment gives states power over the federal government to pass their own laws. Kim Davis was just exercising her first amendment right to exercise her religion by refusing to have her signature be part of a union that God defines as abominable and punishable by death.

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One gay couple traveled from Ohio to Ashland just so that they could be refused a marriage license and join in on the attack on Kim Davis. One of them stated that it’s not right for her to impose her beliefs on others and then said that they aren’t trying to impose their beliefs on her. Yet they could have easily obtained a marriage license in their home county in Ohio, so by traveling to Ashland, they were imposing their liberal beliefs on Davis.

This is a point that one gay man has criticized. Christopher Ciccone is gay and the brother of famed singer Madonna. To his credit, he is actually defending Davis’ right to her religious beliefs writing:

“Once again, the gay community feels the need to be sore winners.”

“The county clerk in [Kentucky] deserves about as much support as you would give her if she were a Muslim [woman] who insisted on covering her face and refused not only gay marriages licenses, but divorce, accusations of rape and driving a car without your man’s approval.”

He acknowledges that the actions of the gay community were directed at destroying Davis because of her Christian faith. Gay activists demand rights they don’t deserve and they demand that we are tolerant of them and their demands. Yet they are completely intolerant of the rights of others and of the Christian beliefs of others. They know that they are sinners and as long as Christians have any rights or voice, they will be reminded of their sinful ways, so the only option they have is to destroy true Christianity and silence Christians, which they are successfully accomplishing on an alarming rate.

Ciccone also pointed out the hypocrisy among liberals who openly defy the law when it suits their agendas but crucify others for doing the same thing when it goes against their agenda. He wrote:

“But why should she when DOJ and other civil authorities don’t follow federal law when they choose not to, i.e. Washington State and Colorado (POT) come to mind…or the abstract notion of ‘sanctuary cities.’ I always thought that sanctuary was the province of churches.”

Barack Obama should, above all others, lead by example and uphold all federal laws. Yet over a year before the Supreme Court overturned much of the Defense of Marriage Act, he ordered the Attorney General Eric Holder to stop enforcing the law. This is a clear violation of the US Constitution and should have resulted in his removal from office.

Similarly, Barack Obama took it upon himself to choose which immigration laws to enforce and which ones not to enforce. Then he created his own immigration laws, bypassing Congress in the act and again violating the Constitution.

Obama has also been trying to force millions of Americans to abandon and violate their Christian faith. He has been attacking the Christian rights of our military, business owners, Christian universities, colleges, schools and students.

If I told you 20-30 years ago that Christians would be persecuted here in America in your lifetime you wouldn’t have believed me. Today we are witnessing a growing persecution against anyone or any institution who is Christian and trying to uphold the true teachings of the Bible.

Business owners are being forced to close their businesses because they are practicing Christians. Other Christian business owners are facing huge fines for practicing their faith. Members of the military, including chaplains, are facing disciplinary actions for practicing their Christian faith.

If you thought the day would never come here in America where a Christian would be put in jail for practicing his/her faith, then think again. Kim Davis is in jail because she is a practicing Christian who places God’s authority and law over man’s. Are you willing to do the same thing and risk losing everything?

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