Magistrate Resigns Over Homosexual Marriage Mandate

It’s said that the Greek philosopher Diogenes used to walk about the city carrying a lantern even during daylight. When asked why he did so, he said he was looking for an honest man.

If he could have shined his lantern on Rockingham County, North Carolina, he would have found one.

Magistrate John Kallum Jr. on Thursday sent his letter of resignation to Chief District Court Judge Fred Wilkins, one day after the state’s magistrates were ordered to perform marriages of homosexual couples or risk losing their jobs.

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The order was issued by the Administrative Office of the Courts after a magistrate in Pasquotank County refused to marry homosexuals, citing religious objections.

According to the Associated Press, Kallum wrote in his letter that marrying homosexuals “would desecrate a holy Institution established by God Himself.”

He added, “When I took my oath of office, I understood I would be required to perform weddings and have done so throughout my tenure. I did not, however, take that oath with any understanding that I would be required to marry same sex couples. … I can no longer fulfill my oath of office in good faith.”

Kallum’s resignation is effective October 31. The AP reports that Kallum will be using his remaining administrative leave days through the end of the month.

Wilkins told the Rockingham News & Record, “He’s a good, honorable man, and a good man who stuck by his convictions.”

Of course the queer mafia isn’t content with people having moral consciences.

Equality NC, a nonprofit homosexual group, is mulling its options for dropping a legal nuke on the refusers.

“This is not an issue of people’s rights to have religious beliefs, but people try to spin it that way,” said Executive Director Chris Sgro, who is apparently oblivious to the fact that it’s only because of religious freedom that his ridiculous group of neurotics even has any legal standing.

The little Caesar continued, “This is their job, and it’s a job requirement.”

The American Communist Litigators United naturally sides with Equality NC. State legal director Chris Brooks issued a statement saying, in part, “Federal courts have agreed that the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law for all citizens includes the right of gay and lesbian citizens to marry the person they love. The law is clear, and all state officials are bound to respect it.”

Unfortunately for the radical Left, not everybody is a state official, which means there are still legions of free Americans, mostly Christians, to be beaten into submission.

Bill Duke, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Reidsville, told the News & Record that the issue would become “messy” for pastors since the recent Supreme Court action that allowed homosexual marriages to proceed in the state.

“I personally would not want to do something that violates my religious beliefs,” Duke said, “and then you have to decide, what’s a religious issue, what’s a social issue and what your personal belief is.”

Religious freedom is the last thing the homosexual marriage movement can tolerate, however.

Critics have predicted all along that once homosexual marriage gained widespread legal acceptance, homosexual “rights” would be used in the legal arena to suppress and destroy Christianity.

Now that the Supreme Court has tipped the law in favor of homosexuals as a special class of people with rights that supersede others’, active attempts by government to suppress Christian beliefs are on the rise. You can see it not only in North Carolina but in recent efforts by Houston officials to intimidate local pastors who spoke out against a homosexual “bathroom bill.”

Like most of what the Left does, the push for homosexual marriage has always been less about the stated purpose than it has been about destroying traditional values that built this country.

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