Maine AG Trampling 1st Amendment Rights

Is there ever a day that goes by that a liberal Democrat doesn’t trample on the constitutional rights of an American citizen? If I were asked that question I would say no.

Democrats have attacked and violated the First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion. They’re trampling on our Second Amendment right to own and bear guns. They have been ignoring the Fourth Amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure. Sixth Amendment rights to a fair and speedy trial before a jury of your peers went out the door years ago when they allowed attorneys to handpick jury members. Common law trails as directed by the Seventh Amendment also disappeared years ago. The Eighth Amendment rights against excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment has been abused time again. The Ninth Amendment right of ‘certain rights’ has been completely misconstrued to give minorities like homosexuals preferred rights over the rights of the majority. Not long after the Civil War, the federal government, especially when controlled by Democrats, has completely ignored the Tenth Amendment rights of States as having authority over the federal government in most areas. Then there’s Barack Obama’s flagrant violation of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and federal laws.

To add to the list of rights violators I would like to add Janet T. Mills, Attorney General of the beautiful state of Maine, another loyal Constitution defying Democrat. She has set her sights on 26 year old Brian Ingalls of Portland, Maine.

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Ingalls often stands outside the Planned Parenthood in Portland, preaching the Gospel and trying to convince women to spare the lives of their unborn babies. Planned Parenthood called the police on Ingalls claiming that he was costing them money and charging that his voice was too loud. Even though he was speaking in his normal tone of voice, he agreed to tone it down even lower.

Because Ingalls was telling people about Jesus and attempting to save innocent lives, AG Mills filed a complaint against him. According to Erin Kuenzig, an attorney with the Thomas More Law Center who is representing Ingalls:

“They’re alleging that by preaching, by teaching against abortion and talking about Jesus on the public sidewalk outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, that Mr. Ingalls violated the Maine Civil Rights Act,”

Charlie Butts of OneNewsNow commented:

“The clinic claims that Ingalls’ preaching interfered with the delivery of health services, but since it is difficult to see how that violates the Civil Rights Act, the TMLC attorney thinks the complaint is likely based on the abortion agenda and not voice volume.”

Kuenzig explained:

“This is a simple unverified noise complaint, and the attorney general has gotten involved and turned it into a civil rights action. I mean, it’s unreal that this is something that the attorney general has seen fit to be involved in.”

If Mills has her way, Ingalls could face a fine of up to $5,000 and would be prohibited from getting any closer than 50 feet of the Portland Planned Parenthood clinic, in essences establishing a protective bubble zone around the baby slaughterhouse.

It’s typical for liberal Democrats to trample on the constitutional rights of citizens while the adamantly protect the first degree murder of millions of unborn children. Their agenda is more important than the constitutional right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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