Mainstream Media Blindly Selling Obama’s Syrian Attack

It is no secret that President Obama wants to start World War III by attacking Syria.  It looked at first like he was ready to take military action without the consent of Congress, but has now agreed to seek their approval before doing anything.  Secretary of State John Kerry has been running around telling everyone that Obama is prepared to go it alone even if he doesn’t get Congress’s approval or the blessings of the UN.

The President has been meeting with key members of Congress trying his best to first convince them that the Syrian government was responsible for the release of chemical weapons on the Syrian people.  Next he has been trying to sell them his plan to take military action against Assad and his government in total disregard of the warnings from the rest of global community.

Over the last several days, I’ve caught the news on more than one mainstream media outlet and they all are obviously doing their best to sell the American people on Obama’s desire to shoot missiles at targets in Damascus. Not only have the news people been supporting the idea of war, but the politicians they’ve been interviewing have also shown their biased reporting.

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They interview the obvious Democrats who would support Obama on anything he does, regardless of how legal or how dangerous it is.  And the media has jumped on the interviews with Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham who came out of the meeting with Obama saying that we must take action in Syria as soon as possible. Both men did say they wanted more evidence and that Obama should lay out his plan to the American people, but when you strain through all of their double talk, both men support Obama’s actions.

Even though McCain ran against Obama in the 2008 election, in the past year, McCain, much like House Speaker John Boehner, has sided with Obama and the Democrats on almost everything including the immigration reform and funding of Obamacare.  So of course the liberal mainstream media are jumping all over his endorsement.

The media has obviously refrained from interviewing any of the senators or congressmen/women who are opposed to the idea of attacking Syria and launching World War III.  Where are the interviews with opponents to Obama’s plan to attack Syria like Senators Rand Paul and Saxby Chambliss?  Few if any mainstream media are talking to these men or reporting their opposition.

The mainstream media reminds me of how thousands of lemmings will hurl themselves over a cliff to certain death because they blindly follow their leaders.  Liberal Democrats are no different either.  They are like sheep that will follow their leader into a slaughter house simply because they place all of their trust in that one leader and will follow him no matter where he leads.  The saddest part is that a large part of the American population are the sheep and lemming, blindly listening and believing everything the liberal mainstream media says and thus will follow Obama over a cliff or to certain slaughter.

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