Malcolm X Elementary School Holds Trayvon Martin Day

In America, you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but the case of Trayvon Martin proves the opposite is often true, especially if you are black.

We all know that story of how this poor helpless little black kid was racially profiled by a Hispanic security guard who followed him and then shot him because he was black.  At least that is what most of black America and the mainstream media wants you to believe.

They feel so strongly about it, that an elementary school in Washington DC that is named after a black Muslim civil rights activist, Malcolm X, held a Trayvon Martin Day last Friday.  According to news reports, the school handed out Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea, items that Martin had purchased just before his death, to every student.  One report chided that the school would probably have handed out hoodies to all of the students had they the funds to do so.

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School officials said the event was planned to teach the students valuable lessons from the shooting of Martin.  School principal J Harrison-Coleman defended the event saying,

“We want to send a message to stop the bullying and bring about a happy spirit.”

Just from the principal’s statement you can see that they have already tried and convicted George Zimmerman of the racist bullying and murder of Trayvon Martin.  I bet they never told their students that Trayvon had marijuana in his system or that he was carrying items that could be considered burglary tools.  They also didn’t tell the students and parents that Trayvon was 6 foot 2 inches tall, a high school football player who towered over 5 foot 9 inch Zimmerman.  I suspect they never allowed the students to hear or read the entire unedited 9-1-1 call which reveals that Zimmerman was answering the dispatcher’s question about a description of Martin.  Lastly, I seriously doubt if they showed the kids the photos of the cuts on the back of Zimmerman’s head or the injury to his nose and eyes.

No, I’m not acquitting Zimmerman of the death as I believe he should have followed the dispatcher’s instructions to wait for the police to arrive before approaching the suspect.  I also know that there is more information that will come out at the trial that the public has not heard, so I reserve judgment until I hear more of the evidence.

I do condemn everyone that continues to convict Zimmerman without all of the evidence and especially those that have gone to such lengths to make it a racial hate crime.  I also condemn all of the blacks who have been attacking whites in the name of Trayvon, especially since Zimmerman is Hispanic and not white.

Malcolm X Elementary School along with a large number of other blacks, demonstrate that they are the ones that are prejudiced and have lit the fires of racial hatred and discrimination.  The only lessons they taught their students is how to prematurely judge others and ignore factual evidence all in the name of racial bigotry and hate.  They are also teaching them that it is okay to bully someone like George Zimmerman when they believe their cause is just, regardless if it is right or wrong.  In other words, it’s okay for you to be prejudiced and a bully, but not for others and I would hope that this is not the message they intended to teach, but did.

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