Mali: Another Day, Another Country Handed to Islamists

Al-Qaida is decimated. It’s no longer a threat. We’ve cut the head off the snake. …

Well, someone must have forgotten to tell the snake it was dead, because al-Qaida’s doing a good impersonation of a very much alive and deadly serpent in Mali and Algeria.

The assault on an Algerian gas plant that resulted in the taking of American and other hostages underscores what a complete failure Obama’s foreign policy has been.

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Or perhaps we should say, what a failure it would be for any other president who wasn’t insulated by the media in a fantasy world from which he seems to be promoting the Islamist goal of resurrecting the Caliphate.

It’s an open question and the subject of legitimate debate whether President Obama is truly the bumbling idiot his policies make him out to be, or if he is the cautious, calculating beast we occasionally catch a glimpse of.

Just last week, in talking about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, Obama said, “We achieved our central goal, which is — or have come very close to achieving our central goal — which is to de-capacitate al Qaida, to dismantle them, to make sure that they can’t attack us again.”

So we did, or did not, maybe kind of sort of “dismantled” al-Qaida. Except that we armed and even trained a bunch of them in Libya and elsewhere, and now they’ve cut off a portion of Mali and are moving into Algeria, using the weapons we gave them — which also happen to be the weapons that were used to kill four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Personally, I know we all can’t wait to see the Syrian “rebels” take over that country with our help, then establish diplomatic ties with Egypt, Libya, Iran and all the other Islamist countries of the Middle East. The world will really start jumping then. …

We haven’t had a Muslim empire since  World War I. The Ottoman Empire was a relatively peaceful backwater at the beginning of the 20th century. The new empire would have oil, advanced weaponry, nukes and a really bad attitude.

As our allies deal with the consequences, Obama’s plans for reshaping the Middle East and Africa seem to be bearing deadly fruit.

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