Man Arrested For Tossing $1,000 To Crowd At Mall

Christmas is a time of giving.  We celebrate the greatest act of giving ever made when God gave us His Son Jesus who would become the sacrificial lamb for all of mankind’s sin.  It is a gift that we are so unworthy of receiving, but God chose to redeem us with His gift.

We celebrate by giving gifts to others.  Some choose to give gifts only to family and friends and others receive great joy in giving to strangers and people in need.  People give to charitable organizations like Toys for Tots, Angel Tree and local soup kitchen.  I’ve heard of families that spend their Christmas day serving dinners at their local soup kitchens.  A few years ago, I recall hearing about a man who would hand out $50 and $100 bills to complete strangers on the street.  Each year he would hand out thousands of dollars to people he didn’t know, never telling them his name or wanting anything in return, he just enjoyed giving.

On Black Friday, Serge Vorobyov was shopping at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota when he started tossing $1,000 in one dollar bills over the balcony to the crowd of people below as a choir sang Let It Snow.  As he walked along the edge of the balcony, he continued to toss the dollar bills and they floated down like confetti at a celebration or parade.

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The people below were surprised and picked up the money as it came floating down.  It brought smiles to many faces, but not to mall security and the Bloomington Police Department.  Vorobyov was arrested and charged disorderly conduct.  A spokesperson for the mall said that it could have caused a major disturbance that could have resulted in someone getting injured.

Vorobyov said he threw the money because he’s had a rough year and knew many others have also had a rough year, so he thought he would help them out on Black Friday.  He went on YouTube and explained:

“People think it’s an evil number, I thought it was supposed to be a lucky number.  I went through a horrible divorce, and she even took the cat and won’t tell me where it is. I thought I would just spread some holiday cheer … pay it forward.”

“I think all the people down there enjoyed it.”

Serge Vorobyov was charged with disorderly conduct because it COULD have caused a major disturbance and someone COULD have been hurt.  I wonder how much of a disturbance is created by the Black Friday bargains?  How many people get hurt when the stores open their doors to the waiting throngs of people?  There have been many reports over the past few years of shoppers shoving each other out of the way, getting in fights over some object on sale.  I recall hearing about a lady who stabbed another shopper last year because she grabbed the last item left and the lady with the knife wanted it.  This year, a lady in Philadelphia attacked another woman and used a taser on her.

I believe the charges against Vorobyov are just another example of how liberal progressives are doing everything they can to stop all private charity so that people are forced to turn to the federal government for help and handouts.  They are pushing for the government to take the place of church and private charity.  Ever since Barack Obama became president, he and his socialist buddies have been attacking charities, trying to take their non-profit tax exempt status away and make it harder for them to help the poor and those in need.

At one time, churches and religious organizations were the main source in helping those in need.  A socialist government cannot allow that to happen.  They have to have the people look to them as Big Brother and the source of all of their wants and needs.  Once in the grasp of the government, the people literally become enslaved to the bureaucrats who run the government and there is no escape.

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