Man Claims ‘Minority Business Owner’ Status After Finding He Has 4% Black Heritage… and Why Not?

A white man has proclaimed himself to be a “minority business owner” after discovering that he four percent African American blood and in this day of “identifying” as whatever you want…why shouldn’t he?

Insurance man Ralph Taylor, a resident of the State of Washington, took one of those AcestryByDNA tests and discovered a tiny amount of black heritage in his DNA. And so, like a good businessman, he wants to put that discovery to good use.

And why not?

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The story comes from the New York Post:

The 2010 test showed that he’s 90 percent European, 6 percent indigenous American and 4 percent sub-Saharan African.

“I’m a certified black man. I’m certified black in all 50 states,” he said. “But the federal government doesn’t recognize me.”

Taylor is now in the midst of a legal battle with Washington state and the federal government for ultimately denying him the minority business owner qualification for his Orion Insurance Group. The designation would give him a leg up in nabbing government contracts.

His case — which poses the complex question of how race is defined — is pending before the 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals.

In 2013, Taylor used his DNA results to try to get his business certified with Washington’s Office of Minority & Women’s Business Enterprises — but officials there said he wasn’t a “visibly identifiable” minority, the Seattle Times reported.

Taylor went on to claim that the government office was discriminating against him and enforcing arbitrary rules.

Of course, many say that the DNA testing that Taylor ordered is not scientifically accurate. In fact, the company stopped doing the testing, too, over complaints of accuracy.

But still, in this age where liberals have proclaimed that you can be born a man yet claim to be a woman and that should be allowed, why is it out of order to expect a man who has medical proof — shaky as it is — that he has some black heritage and to “identify” as a “minority”?

Indeed, the left has let left-wing white people like Rachel Dolezal and fake black man Shaun King get away with pretending to be blacks for years. Neither of these two are in anyway black, yet leftists have accepted them as black, anyway.

That isn’t even to mention the mental illness we call “transgenderism,” where men pretend to be women and vice versa. Liberals love that style of let’s pretend.

So, why shouldn’t Ralph Taylor, insurance white man from Washington State, be allowed to call himself a “minority businessman”?

Well, we conservatives know why, granted, but what is the left’s excuse? How do they have a logical leg upon which to stand to deny this guy his “rights”?

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