Man Ordered to Pay $30,000 Child Support Even Though DNA Proves He’s Not the Father

I have a confession to make. I enjoy watching real life crime programs that trace the course of events and evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of a criminal. It’s fascinating what they can do with today’s technology in identifying DNA, paint, hair, fabric, and other trace evidence. With the help of chemical analysis to microscopic examination to light spectrum analysis to DNA sequencing, many criminals have been taken off the streets. Likewise the same trace evidence and DNA sequencing has set a number of wrongly convicted innocent people free.

Or so you would think. At least that’s what Carnell Alexander thought.

A Detroit woman wanted to get state aid for her and her child back in the late 1980s. When she was informed that Michigan law requires the name of the father, she told them that Alexander was the child’s father. Once she provided the state with that information, she began receiving the welfare aid she hoped for.

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Since Alexander was named as the child’s father, papers were filed requiring him to pay child support. Supposedly a process server served Alexander with those papers, however, it was later learned that the papers were never served because at the time he was in jail.

After being released from Jail, Alexander went about his life knowing nothing about the order to pay child support until one day when he was picked up on an outstanding warrant for being a deadbeat dad. This was the first Alexander knew anything about what was going on. When he asked for the name of the woman or her location, the state refused to tell him.

Eventually, Alexander found out who she was and where she lived and confronted her. She admitted that he was not the father and that she only named him because the state needed a father’s name. Both Alexander and the mother took DNA tests which proved that Alexander was not the father of the child.

You would expect this news would exonerate Alexander of the charges of being a deadbeat dad or from having to comply with the orders to pay child support. With DNA evidence in hand, Alexander went to court to clear himself. Judge Kathleen McCarthy heard his case. Evidence was presented that Alexander knew nothing about the child nor had he ever been served with the papers. He also presented the DNA evidence proving he was not the child’s father.

Much to Alexander’s shock, Judge McCarthy ignored the evidence and ordered him to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child that isn’t his and he had never even met.

Mark Hyman with Behind the Headlines reports:

“According to the National Family Justice Center, DNA tests show that 79% of the men named as the fathers in Detroit and Wayne County welfare cases are, in fact, not.”

Judge Kathleen McCarthy should have cleared Alexander of all charges and then filed felony charges against the mother for fraudulently taking thousands of dollars in welfare and other aid from the state of Michigan. Evidently McCarthy doesn’t believe in sound scientific evidence. She prefers to rule by her agenda against men in general rather on the rule of law.

A growing number of judges in America are now ruling more on personal and political agenda than on what the constitution and laws state. Gay judges rule against Christian business owners, a Muslim judge allows a fellow Muslim to go free after beating a man for insulting Muhammad and Supreme Court Justices rule against the US Constitution in order to help the causes of their personal agendas. We’re about to see that happen again soon as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will vote to legalize gay marriages after having performed same-sex weddings.

In the case of Carnell Alexander, I hope that he is able to get the right legal counsel to help him appeal McCarthy’s wrongful ruling and free him from having to pay $30,000 that he shouldn’t have to pay.

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