Mandela Didn’t End Apartheid, He Changed It To Black-On-White Genocide

In the wake of the death of Nelson Mandela, every news outlet and most politicians are praising the man for ending apartheid and opening the doors of equality for South Africa’s blacks.  One person on a national news program stated that Mandala created a harmonious country of equality.  A statement released by President Obama said:

“He achieved more than could be expected of any man.  He belongs to the ages.”

Appropriate words from one black socialist president for another black socialist president.   Mandela not only belonged to the African nationalist politically, but he was also a democratic socialist.

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And yes, Mandela achieved more than expected, but not what most of the world thinks.

During apartheid, white South Africans ruled the country.  Blacks had very few rights, even though they were a large majority of the population.  When Mandela was released from prison in 1990, he worked tirelessly to end apartheid and gain rights and equality for blacks.  His efforts made him a national hero and in 1994, he was elected President of South Africa, and served till 1999.

During that time, the country’s blacks obtained more than their equality; they began to obtain superiority over the whites and reversed the roles of apartheid but the world never heard about it.  No international media outlets reported on what really happened in South Africa thanks to Nelson Mandela.

How do I know?  Because I have close friends that had to flee South Africa after Mandela reversed apartheid and they have shared many of the horror stories that have befallen upon the nation’s whites.  Blacks have taken over the government and law enforcement and many of them feel that they are justified in taking out their vengeance on whites.

A number of the large farms and ranches owned by whites were overrun by blacks. Some of the white land owners were murdered and others were run off of their own property with only the clothes on their back.  The new South African government and law enforcement turned a blind eye to it all.

In the cities, whites became the preferred targets for assaults, burglaries and rapes.  My friends’ teenage daughter feared for her safety and modesty every day she traveled to and from school.  Their daughter had classmates that were raped and robbed by blacks and the police, which were almost all black, and did nothing about it.

These are only a few of the many racial horror stories that have been happening to many of the whites in South Africa.  Conditions have become so dangerous that many whites are leaving the country.  My friends applied to immigrate to the United States.  The process took nearly five years.  Just as they were about to leave South Africa, they were informed that there was a problem with their daughter’s visa and she ended up having to stay with an uncle for another two years.

Those two years was a frightening time for the family as attacks of white women and girls were far too common in the general area she was left to live in.  Since the police did virtually nothing about black on white rapes and attacks, some blacks felt that it was open season on white females and their attacks were open and brazen.  Eventually the daughter was allowed to leave and join her parents in the US and they say that it was only through the grace and protection by God that she escaped unscathed, but there were a few harrowing times.  Some of her friends were not as fortunate.

They still have family and friends in South Africa and the black on white crimes continue and in some areas are becoming far too frequent.  While many laud Nelson Mandela for his achievements, the thousands of whites that have been murdered, robbed, raped and driven from their lands and country are not appreciative of what Mandela accomplished.

Mandela did not free South Africa’s blacks and establish equality for all.  He created a society of racial retribution that has been hidden by international presses.  When I heard that President Obama ordered American flags to be lowered to half mast, it turned my stomach.  There is nothing to praise or honor this man for other than he reversed the roles of apartheid, making white South Africans the oppressed and fair targets for black vengeance.

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