Manhattan DA Prosecutes Law Abiding Citizens While Offering Immunity to Convicted Felons

A month ago, I wrote about ex-Marine Ryan Jerome who was arrested and charged with violating Manhattan’s strict gun control laws.  Ryan is a jeweler from Indiana who traveled to New York to sell over $15,000 worth of jewelry.  He holds a conceal carry permit in Indiana and searched on the internet to see if his permit would be honored in New York City.  His information said it was, but when he tried to legally check in his firearm at the Empire State Building, he was arrested, spent two days in jail and faces felony charges.

I learned that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is still prosecuting Jerome on felony firearm violations.  According to Jerome’s attorney, Vance has offered a plea bargain to reduce the charges to a Class A misdemeanor, a $1,000 fine and ten days of community service.  Jerome and his attorney both vow to refuse the plea bargain and fight the charges that they believe to be unconstitutional.

While Vance continues to prosecute Jerome for acting as a responsible law abiding citizen, he turns around and offers to purchase illegal guns.  The program may sound great, but Vance offers full immunity from prosecution for any convicted felon who turns in a firearm for cash.

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In Manhattan, as well as the rest of America, it is a felony to be in possession of a firearm.  Yet District Attorney Vance openly turns a blind eye to felons turning in guns while he continues to prosecute Ryan Jerome and other law abiding citizens.

However, it should be no surprise as this is typical of the Democratic machinery that’s been ruining our country.  The White House is actively pursuing measures to take firearms out of the hands of citizens while protecting criminals and even placing them in positions of leadership such as US Attorney General and President of the United States.

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