‘Mansplaining,’ Christmas Tree Bans and Other ‘MicroInequities(TM)’

Vox Media, one of those left-wing Silicon Valley companies that make way too much money, has pushed the envelope once again on employee conduct with its new ban on “microaggressions” and “mansplaining.”

If you have no idea what those terms mean, you’re clearly behind the curve and hopelessly mired in standard English.

You see what I did in that last paragraph? That’s a microaggression, a subtle put-down of your intelligence and discouragement that keeps you from, I dunno, achieving the impossible dream or something, at least according to the people in charge of Vox. (OK, so it wasn’t so subtle. There’s nothing “micro” about my aggression.)

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And you see what I did in the paragraph preceding this one? If you happen to be a woman, then I just “mansplained” to you, which is a term invented by feminists to describe when a man — a MAN! — dares to explain anything to a woman. Old-fashioned books of etiquette used to tell men never to explain things to a woman. Nice to see we’ve come so far. Apparently, like the ladies of yesteryear, the pretty little heads of the women of today are too full of thoughts to absorb any information from a man. (Possibly they are thinking of microaggressions toward their no-good, non-feminist sisters who pursued a husband and children rather than an oh-so-satisfying career.)

In fact, by using the word “apparently” above, I was microaggressing while mansplaining. And by using “in fact” in that last sentence I was doubling down on the microaggression. … Whoo! Clearly, I’m not going to work at Vox anytime soon.

Yay, me.

All across the tech sector, and surely other American industries as well, the crazies are in charge. Take for example Intel, which is not at all shy about microaggressively taking your money any time you’re in the market for computer products.

Intel has so much money and time on its hands that it even made the effort to trademark the term MicroInequities to describe its employee diversity training, which according to a recent company memo is intended to “help inform, educate and inspire all of us to role model behaviors that make us all feel a strong sense of connection and belonging within the IT organization.”

According to Intel, MicroInequities are “hidden barriers to success; the subtle, usually subconscious messages we all send that devalue, discourage and ultimately impair performance in the workplace.”

It’s not just the private sector that suffers from this kind of hypersensitivity. It’s rampant in government at all levels, though this time of year it takes the particular form of a tendency to label anything Christmas-related as microaggressive toward non-Christians.

Take the executive leadership team at the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which banned displays of Christmas trees and “Christian speech,” despite the federal law that recognizes Christmas as a national holiday. After a protest by workers, the Christmas tree ban was lifted, but employees are still forbidden to say “Merry Christmas.”

Then there are American colleges and universities, several of which recently have been suffering under a well-funded pre-election outburst of political correctness.

The common theme in all of this is Progressives’ neurotic personalities and exceptionally thin skins. (I’m sorry, was that too microaggressive?)

It seems that when liberals aren’t busy being afraid of guns, they’re afraid of other people. Or just afraid in general.

At any rate, the world would be a better place if liberals would just stop trying to make it a better place by cramming their neuroses down everybody else’s throats, take a chill pill and not worry their pretty little heads about anything.


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