March 1 – High Noon Showdown for Sheriff Joe, Obama and DOJ

One of the classic western movies of all time is High Noon starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly.  Cooper plays a town sheriff who is forced to make a decision of facing a long time gang of killers by himself or to flee the town and his responsibility in order to save his life.

The final showdown between Cooper and the outlaws is scheduled to take place in the main street of town at 12:00 pm, otherwise known as high noon.  Rather than take the advice of his Quaker and pacifist wife (Grace Kelly) and leave town, Cooper decides that he has to stay and face what could well be his impending doom.

As I’ve watched what’s been happening with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and President Barack Obama, it reminds me of Gary Cooper and High Noon.

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Sheriff Joe launched a formal investigation into Obama’s eligibility to run for and serve as President of the United States.  Soon after launching the investigation, Obama sent his gang of outlaws, known as the Department of Justice, to drive Arpaio out of town before he can make his findings public and rule on whether Obama’s name will appear on the November ballots in Arizona’s most populated county.

They started out attacking his character and making threats if he didn’t drop his investigation, but like Cooper, Arpaio made the decision to stand his ground.  Then the DOJ filed suit against Arpaio and the entire Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, claiming they are illegally profiling Hispanics.  And again like Cooper facing overwhelming odds, Arpaio still vows to stand his ground and fight against the federal charges and their corruption.

Sheriff Joe has just announced that he will reveal the results of the Obama eligibility investigation on March 1, making it his high noon showdown.  As a matter of fact, I would highly recommend that he make his formal announcement at high noon.

That gives Obama’s gang of cutthroats (DOJ) just three weeks to do their best to drive Sheriff Joe out of town.  I look for the attacks against him to dramatically increase in the next three weeks.  The DOJ will do everything in their power to rip the badge off Arpaio’s chest and pin it on someone they can control, who will make the investigation go away or who will guarantee a favorable outcome for the gang’s leader, Obama.

Cooper walked out into the street believing that he had no support from anyone in the town and I would hate to see Sheriff Joe feel the same way.  Please join me in supporting Arpaio with your prayers and donations to help him in his fight against the White House Gang.

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