Marco Rubio Destroys Obama’s Climate Change Hysteria

During a campaign event, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) hit a homerun when he answered a question from the crowd about President Obama’s Climate Change agenda. The questioner wanted to know if Senator Rubio believed that we could “tax our way to lower emissions”? Of course Rubio said “no,” but he went even further showing how our economic competitors around the world are trying to handicap our economic prosperity. Rubio also explained how the climate change hysteria on the left can only cause pain and poverty if their policies are enacted.

No, I don’t believe so. In fact, I believe you’ll pay the price for it.

In essence, what these developing countries are asking America to do is to make itself less competitive. They argue they’re not going to make any substantial changes until they reach our level, or so they say, but they want America and other developed countries to substantially impose costs on our economy. And here’s the bottom line. The more expensive we make doing business in America, the less jobs are going to be created in this country compared to other places. I actually believe–first of all, America’s already substantially cleaner than it was 15 or 20 years ago. I believe the American innovator will continue to make us cleaner. Natural gas is a clean source of energy. We didn’t know we had so much of it until the American innovator figured out a way not just to drill straight down but how to drill sideways, and suddenly we now have access to an abundant supply of natural gas. We should be fully utilizing it. It will allow us to power our utilities. It will lower the cost of living in America, but it will also lower the cost of doing business.

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If we continue to raise the cost of doing business in America, you will see less jobs created, you will see wages remain stagnant, and you will see millions of Americans continue to be left behind. We have millions of people in this country that are working as hard as they have ever worked before, and they are struggling to live paycheck to paycheck, because not only does everything cost more, there are more things to pay for than ever before. We need to realize that only the private sector can create the better-paying jobs that we need for people to have a better standard of living. We can’t make America more expensive, and that’s what these things will do, and so that’s why I don’t support policies that will do nothing to help our environment, but will have devastating impact on Americans, on American workers, and on the American economy.

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