Marines Being Court Martialed For Urinating on Taliban Corpses

Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been long and difficult.  It’s often a kill or be killed situation for American troops.  They are fighting an enemy that looks just like the civilian population.

The enemy they are fighting does not care about or follow the Geneva Convention rules of war.  They have tortured American soldiers that they captured.  They’ve beheaded several on camera.  The enemy has spit on the corpses of American soldiers and more.

A year ago, a small group of U.S. Marines killed three members of the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Because of the way the Taliban has mistreated the corpses of American soldiers, they felt justified to urinate on the Taliban corpses.  The mistake they made is that they filmed themselves doing it.  The video was then posted on the internet several months later.

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Once the video was made public, the Pentagon instantly reacted by condemning their actions and launching an NCIS investigation into the incident.  So far, three of the Marines pleaded guilty to their part in the incident.  They received a reduction in rank, loss of pay and letters of reprimand placed in the personnel records.

Official charges have now been filed against two Marine staff sergeants involved in the incident.  The charges are:

“Posing for unofficial photographs with human casualties, failing to properly prevent or report misconduct by junior Marines under their command, the indiscriminate firing of a grenade launcher and the indiscriminate firing of an enemy machine gun.”

Under the terms of a Special Court Martial, the maximum punishments allowed for these charges include being reduced in rank to Private, one year in military confinement, loss of two-thirds of a years pay and a bad conduct discharge.

The Pentagon and Marine Corp are making a big deal about punishing these Marines in an attempt to save face with the Muslim community.  They feared that the video would cause Muslim insurgents to launch additional and more aggressive attacks on U.S. military personnel still operating in Afghanistan.  It seems every time our people do anything to insult Islam, we start jumping through hoops and making exorbitant efforts to apologize and appease them.  But no one bothers to do anything when Christians are treated in the same way by Muslims.

While I don’t condone what the Marines did, I also don’t fault them considering what Muslim extremists have done to captured and killed Americans.  Our government says it’s okay to urinate on a Christian cross or the American flag, but not an enemy that has vowed to kill you before you killed him.

Had I been one of the Marines, I would have poured pig’s blood on the corpses instead of urinating on them. Muslims consider pigs to be unclean and having contact with pig’s blood would prevent them from going to Muslim heaven and enjoying their 70 virgins.  I wonder if I would have been court martialed for that?

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