Mark Levin DESTROYS Liberal Media as ‘Statists’ Corrupting America

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin always knows how to get right to the nub of current events and on his show the other night he slammed the left-wing media as the sort of “progressive statists” who are destroying this country from within.

As the old media complex keeps puffing itself up as the only true Americans — even as they are working to bring this country down — Levin described them for what they really are, pushers of the “progressive, statist ideology” that has “so thoroughly corrupted” our system.

“Boy our system has been so thoroughly corrupted by this progressive, statist ideology, it’s just unbelievable,” Levin said during his Tuesday radio show. “The reporters are the mouthpieces for it. They’re the mouthpieces for progressivism.”

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Levin’s comments came after he noted the obscene comments by NBC talking head Chuck Todd who screeched that it is time for reporters to “fight back.”

Before we get to Levin’s apt comments on the media landscape, we need to remind readers that Chuck Todd started his adult life out of college as a staffer for several different Democrats. He started as a left-wing political operative. Then, he miraculously became a “journalist.”

Of course, the truth is, he never stopped being a left-wing Democrat operative. He may pretend to be a “reporter” but he is, in fact, a shill for the Democrats and always has been.

But Levin leveled both barrels at Chuck Todd and Todd’s associates.

“Boy our system has been so thoroughly corrupted by this progressive, statist ideology, it’s just unbelievable. The reporters are the mouthpieces for it. They’re the mouthpieces for progressivism.

“Which brings me to this: a very long and stuipd piece in The Atlantic by Chuck Todd. Chuck Todd, you may recall, is the host of ‘Meet the Depressed.’ He also is on ‘MSLSD’ from time to time.

“He writes in The Atlantic, a well-known left-wing rag, ‘It’s Time for the Press to Stop Complaining–And to Start Fighting Back.’ So, he admits right there that the press basically speak with one voice. There’s a few outliers there, and they must be crushed. So, Chuck Todd might as well work for Russia TV. He might as well be a Putin spokesman. I mean, he did come close. He worked for Tom Harkin once.

“‘A nearly 50-year campaign of vilification, inspired by Fox News’s Roger Ailes, has left many Americans distrustful of media outlets. Now, journalists need to speak up for their work.’

“Now, let me explain something to you, dimwit. Many Americans were distrustful of you people long before Roger Ailes and Fox. We can think for ourselves.

“‘I’ve devoted,’ he writes, ‘much of my professional life to the study of political campaigns, not as a historian or an academic …’ No, you’re too stupid to be a historian or an academic. ‘… but …’

“Why don’t you invite Chuck Todd on this program, Mr. Producer?

“You remember when I had an open invitation when one of my books came out to come on ‘Meet the Press’ any time I wanted. Do you remember that? Yeah, yeah. And what did I say? Forget it! But let’s invite Chuck Todd on, seriously.

“‘… I thought I’d seen it all, from the bizarre upset that handed a professional wrestler the governorship of Minnesota to the California recall that gave us the Governator to candidates who die but stay on the ballot and win.’

“Did you see it all when a guy with less-than two years Senate experience, who was pals with domestic terrorists, got elected president? How come that’s not one of your examples?

“‘But there’s a new kind of campaign underway, one that most of my colleagues and I … never publicly reported on, never fully analyzed, … never fully acknowledged: the campaign to destroy the legitimacy of the American news media.’

“Nobody’s trying— Now, notice the difference: Free press and the American news media. You know there’s a difference, right? Free press and the American news media. You and I support the Constitution, unlike the left. We support all of the Bill of Rights – we don’t cherry-pick – including Freedom of the Press. Many, in the press, cherry-pick. They don’t like ‘the Second Amendment, parts of the Fifth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment’s irrelevant. We don’t even know what the Ninth Amendment says.’ You understand.

“The legitimacy of the American news media is being questioned by the American people, not because of Trump, not because of Fox, not because of radio, not because of me but because the clowns that work in the media.”

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