Mark Levin Notes that Cohen Guilty Plea Proves Trump is Innocent

Syndicated conservative talker, lawyer, and Constitutional scholar Mark Levin noted on Tuesday that Michael Cohen’s guilty plea proves that President Donald Trump is in the clear.

While the media crowed about the plea from the former Trump lawyer, and while they spun a long series of lies about what the plea means, on his Tuesday show, Levin pointed out facts that the media is thoroughly ignoring.

As reported by Conservative Review:

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Cohen pled guilty Tuesday to charges of campaign finance violations, tax evasion, and false statements to a financial institution. He alleges that candidate Trump directed him to make hush payments to women whom Trump had affairs with to buy their silence during the presidential election. Levin argued that these payments don’t qualify as campaign finance violations and that Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, convinced his client to plead guilty to criminal offenses that aren’t criminal.

“I wanna help the law professors, the constitutional experts, the criminal defense lawyers, the former prosecutors, and of course the professors, I wanna help them understand what the law is,” Levin said. “The general counsel for the Clinton mob family, Lanny Davis, he had his client plead to two counts of criminality that don’t exist.”

Of course, Lanny Davis is a very biased, left-winger who has long been a close confidante of the corrupt Clinton crime family. So, Davis is desperate to continue muddying the waters to make sure no one turns attention to Hillary.

But Levin went on to point out that unless the payments Cohen is admitting to facilitating came from actual campaign funds, there was no crime.

Levin explained that a campaign expenditure under U.S. campaign finance law is an expenditure “solely for campaign activity.” He argued that any supposed reimbursement Trump paid to Cohen with his own money after Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels or any other woman who slept with the president is “perfectly legal.”

“A candidate who spends his own money, or even corporate money, for an event that occurred not as a result of the campaign — it is not a campaign expenditure,” he said.

Indeed, as far as Levin is concerned, Cohen may even have just pleaded guilty to things that aren’t really crimes.

“Nothing here was spent out of the campaign. Nothing was done with the campaign or to the campaign,” Levin said. “Mr. Lanny Davis had his client plead guilty to two offenses that aren’t offenses that the prosecutor insisted were offenses. That’s why he’s no good.”

“Donald Trump’s in the clear. Let’s say Donald Trump even directed Michael Cohen to make payments in nondisclosure agreements. So what? He’s allowed to do that.”

It will take some time to get all the answers to these questions, granted. But if Levin is right, these malicious prosecutions have once again missed the target. Trump still has not been touched.

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