Mark Levin on Rand Paul: “He Could Reignite Reagan Democrats!”

The Great One, Mark Levin, was a guest on Wednesday night’s episode of the Hannity Show where the discussion began with Senator Rand Paul’s recent announcement that he would run for Presidency in 2016.

Hannity pointed out that Senator Paul and Senator Cruz both seem to face as many attacks from their own party as they do from the outside. To which both Paul (in recorded comments) and Levin basically attributed the concern that the GOP establishment has with real conservative candidates. Basically, the establishment (led by men like Jeb Bush and Karl Rove) are fearful that a real constitutional conservative would begin dismantling the big government that the establishment of both parties has come to love.

(Starting at about 1:05)

Rand Paul’s exactly right, and you’re exactly right. The problem is we’ve really had two conservative presidents in the last hundred years probably, Coolidge and Reagan. The rest have pretty much been pro-government corporate types who have built on top of what the left created — what the progressives have created. 

randpaulInstead of trying to unravel this massive federal leviathan that the left has created, they have even started adding their own ideas. You hear some of the establishment defending common core. Common core is a backdoor federalization of local education.

You hear them talking about open borders– how people love us and we should have wave after wave of illegal immigrants into this country.

We need principled conservatives. You know, people under 50 in this country, Sean, have never had an opportunity to actually vote for a conservative president. And I think it’s up to people like you and me, and millions of others in our generation to give them the opportunity.

It’s exciting. It’s invigorating to support somebody not because, you know, you want to stop the Democrats but because you really believe in what they’re saying. 

And a conservative candidate will in fact reignite excitement with the Reagan Democrats, the industrial midland of the country and so forth. We ought to give it another opportunity.

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