Maryland Senate Passes Sweeping Gun Control Bill

In his quest to take away more freedoms from the citizens of his state, Maryland’s Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley proposed among the most stringent gun control law in the country. Last week, the Maryland Senate passed his law, and the House is expected to follow suit.

The bill requires that all current gun owners and new gun purchasers be fingerprinted, take an 8-hour class and pay for a more extensive background check; it outlaws magazines with more than a 10-round capacity; it also makes it more difficult for those who have ever been committed to a mental health facility to own a firearm; finally, it outlaws so-called assault weapons.

The Maryland Senate’s President Pro Tem Nathaniel McFadden was delighted with the bill’s passage:

 “Residents are sick and tired of this gun violence. No, this is not a perfect bill. Because you’re right — those criminals are not going to go and get fingerprinted.

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But somehow these guns find their way into our communities.… They come from somewhere, and you can get a gun quicker than you [can] get an apple or an orange in my community. It’s outrageous, and we have to start somewhere.”

When the bill passed the Senate, the Governor remarked that it’s only common-sense legislation. He said if you have to have a license to drive a car, then why not have a license to own a gun?

Yet, fatal car accidents still happen in spite of everyone being required to ask permission from the government in order to drive a car. In fact, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in America now, second to suicide. Not AR-15’s.

Oh, but Piers Morgan said we couldn’t compare car accident deaths to gun control because you’re not supposed to use a car to kill someone. It’s just a means of conveyance. The only purpose for a gun in the gun-grabbers’ eyes is to murder someone. So, it’s not fair to compare the two. But, Governor O’Malley can because he’s on the gun control side, and when you’re on the gun control side, anything goes.

Gun registration and fingerprinting aren’t going to help stop violent crimes anymore than drivers licenses prevent motor vehicle fatalities. Like that Democrat above said, criminals aren’t going to go get fingerprinted. But, like any Democrat, he still wants to “do something.”

InfoWars pointed out that Beretta will likely move out of Maryland if the bill is signed into law:

 “[P]assage of this bill will likely drive employers such as Beretta USA out of the state, taking with them some 300-400 jobs. As Jeffrey Reh, general counsel for Beretta who testified against O’Malley’s bill, put it: ‘Why expand in a place where people who built the gun [banned by the new law] couldn’t buy it?’”

 These people get into office, and all the want to do is take away our freedoms and destroy jobs. That seems to be the only things they’re good at.

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