Massachusetts Congressional Candidate Joe Kennedy III Running With No Issues Except Putting End To Cheap Oil

Joseph Patrick Kennedy III is the son of former Rep Joseph Patrick Kennedy II (D-MA) and the grandson of the late Senator and US Attorney General Robert Kennedy who was the brother of the late Sen Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  JP Kennedy III is currently serving as an attorney with the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office and he is running for the seat of retiring Rep Barney Franks (D-MA)

If you go to JP Kennedy III website, you will find a glaring absence of political issues leaving one to question exactly what platform other than the family name he is running on.

However, he did make a political position statement in an online letter he wrote to his supporters.  In that letter he issued a call for the end of ‘cheap oil’ saying,

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“Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama — they’ve all talked about the same thing: the need to wean ourselves off our debilitating dependence on foreign oil.”

“The cycle that allows cheap oil to trump tough choices has to stop.  Forty years is enough.”

If I were Sean Bielat, JP Kennedy III’s GOP opponent for the House seat, I would jump on Kennedy’s statement like a lion on a fresh kill.  I would point out that gas prices have been climbing at the pump and Kennedy’s only solution is to stop using cheap oil and go to more expensive forms of fuel.  Bielat, a former US Marine, may have lost the 2010 election to Barney Franks by 10 percentage points, but using Kennedy’s own words would go a long way to help him win that coveted seat in the US House of Representatives.

Sarah Rumpf, Communications Director for Bielat commented on Kennedy’s statement by saying,

“It’s kind of stunning that he’s so out of touch that he would say it that way.  Democrats, Republicans and Independents — everybody is paying for higher gas right now.”

“President John F. Kennedy was very clear about the dangers of communism and what was good and what was bad.  It wasn’t complicated for him. I’m not entirely sure where the philosophy of Joe Kennedy III’s father, where he’s getting this philosophy. … I don’t think it’s a position that JFK would have taken.”

If you live in Massachusetts or know someone who does, please forward this on to them so they can start to understand the two candidates running against each other for Barney Franks’ seat in the US House of Representatives.  One of the candidates only wants to cost us all more at the pumps while the other one has ideas and issues he is running on to help our nation recover from its current crisis.

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