Massachusetts’ Strict Gun Laws Did Nothing To Prevent Violence At Boston Marathon

Within days of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, President Barack Obama and liberals across the country began pushing for stricter gun control laws to supposedly reduce violence.  They all claim that it was guns and high capacity ammunition clips that caused the violence that left 20 kids and 6 adults.

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.  Everyone in the state should feel safe.  So safe in fact that the atmosphere for the Boston Marathon yesterday was very celebratory and everyone was having a great time.

The first runners in the marathon crossed the finished line at the 2 hour 10 minute and 22 second mark.  Over an hour and half later, many others were still crossing the finish line.  At the 3 hour 49 minute mark, a bomb that had been placed in a trash can near the finish line exploded.  Fifteen seconds later another trash can bomb blew up a couple blocks down from the finish line.

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There were still crowds of people lining the streets watching their friends and family members completing the grueling ordeal.  A number of them had their feet and legs torn away from their bodies by blast.  At the time of this writing, there were 2 confirmed dead, one of which was an 8 year old boy.  Over 100 people were injured and taken to local hospitals.

Not long after the explosions, police discovered a third bomb that had not yet exploded.  This will provide vital evidence in their investigation and hopefully lead to the person(s) responsible for this latest act of senseless violence.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families, especially to the children who were injured and killed.  I pray for the recovery of the injured and that the perpetrator(s) will be quickly caught.

So tell me how stricter laws of any kind would prevent this kind of violence.  The person(s) did not use an assault weapon or high capacity magazine.  They used bombs which are already illegal in every state of the union.  It’s illegal to build a bomb.  It’s illegal to possess a bomb.  It’s illegal to detonate a bomb.

So tell me again, how stricter laws would prevent another bomb attack like we saw yesterday at the Boston Marathon?

The problem is NOT guns or bombs.  The problem is PEOPLE!  How do you pass laws to prevent people bent on violence from carrying out that violent intent?  You can’t!

The only thing that will work is to get our nation and our people back to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The rate of violence and crime in the United States rose in direct relationship to the ouster of the Bible, God and Jesus from schools, government and public life.

Our nation was founded upon biblical principles and values.  As those principles and values are being replaced with unbiblical and immoral values, the sinful heart and desires of man take over, leading to more sinful acts and lifestyles and more violence.

If our government really wants to work to prevent more acts of violence, it needs to first work on the hearts of the people and bring them back to Christ.

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