“Master Bedroom” is Now Sexist and Racist

Because of all the outrage generated by the term “master bedroom,” homebuilders are having to think of alternative terms to describe the principal bedroom in a house. Usually, the room is occupied by the head of the household, so “master bedroom” is being replaced by “owner’s bedroom” or “owner’s suite.”

So, what’s all the outrage about? Well, what do you think of first when someone uses the term “master bedroom?” No, you don’t just think of the big bedroom with the big, attached bathroom with two sinks and a jacuzzi. Deep down, you know that “master” has sexist and racist overtones. The fact that you’re not outraged indicates how you’ve been influenced by our white and male-dominated society. That and the fact that you have white- and male-privilege.

Steve Nardella at Winchester Homes, Inc. said, “I imagine it’s not only a more accurate description, but also a more politically correct term of art.” Other builders said that the word “master” would eventually be filtered out entirely, and another said he even remembered a few lawsuits over the phrase.

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After all, slaves referred to their “masters.” And dominating males are referred to as “masters” over their women “property.” But what do you call the person who has property? An owner? So, how is “owner’s suite” any better or more politically correct than “master suite?”

Ben Shapiro over at Breitbart pointed this out:

 “Of course, it is only a matter of time before the left begins complaining that ‘owner’ implies both ‘slaveowner’ and ‘owner of your spouse.’ Eventually, we will simply list ‘master bedrooms’ as ‘the big ones in the back of the house.’”

 This is like the University of North Carolina dropping the term “freshman” from all their official literature. It contains the word “man” in it. It excludes women (whose singular form also has the word “man” in it). The UNC says they prefer a more “gender-inclusive” alternative to “freshman” such as “first year student.”

But “student” has “Stu” in it, a masculine name. And is UNC going to continue to offer bachelor’s degrees, in spite of the term “bachelor,” which has come to be associated with an unmarried male?

We can’t say “fireman”; we have to say “fire fighter.” Instead of “policeman,” it’s “police officer.” It’s not “Congressman”; it’s “member of Congress.” And leave it to some feminists in Sweden to push for the outlawing of urinals in men’s restrooms because they say standing up while urinating is an offensive display of male dominance.

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