Masturbation Okay, Christmas Trees Questionable to Public Schools

Do your kids or grandkids attend public school? If so, have you have taken time to find out what they are being taught or brainwashed to believe?

In the past, I’ve written about public schools teaching kids as young as kindergarten that homosexuality is normal and something that they should all explore. They are taught to explore their own sexuality and kids are being taught about masturbation and how to use male and female condoms. Those lessons include how to use female condoms for anal sex. Common Core recommended reading lists includes books that glorify pornography, incest, rape and pedophilia.

Public schools are also teaching kids they don’t have to tell their parents everything and that’s it okay to keep secrets from them, especially about their sexual activities. They are being taught to consider the government as their benefactor and not their parents. Their loyalty is not to be placed with the parents or their church, but with the socialist government and that America is the world’s enemy.

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Christianity and Judaism are forbidden in public schools, but an increasing number of the same schools are teaching Islam. Students who are prevented from praying to the God of the Bible are learning to recite the Muslim Call to Prayer and that Allah is the only true God. Christian students are told that they can’t pray over their lunches while some Christian students are being forced to pray to Allah and Muslim students are allowed to kneel, face Mecca and pray to Allah.

Students who wear patriotic shirts are told that they are offensive to some students. Students who wear pro-Second Amendment and pro-gun shirts are being suspended from school while shirts depicting socialism are acceptable.

Now, one school has gone so extremely liberal that they have cancelled their annual field trip to see a performance of the Nutcracker. Every year the Butler Elementary School PTA in Belmont, Massachusetts takes students to see the classic holiday ballet.

However, this year, some parents complained that there were parts of the holiday classic that were offensive. According to the local media:

“The trip to see the famous ballet has been a tradition at the school for years, but apparently some felt the trip was improper because there is a Christmas tree on the stage.”

Barbara Bulfoni, PTA Co-president commented:

“In the past years there were parents complaints as ‘The Nutcracker’ has a religious content. I think we clarified with the parents.”

Adam Campana, a parent, told the media:

“I went once as a kid as well. I think it’s anybody’s choice. They should still offer it but you don’t have to go if you don’t like.”

After enough parents complained, the trip to see the ballet was placed back on the calendar, but the school board was not done. They replaced ‘Christmas vacation’ to ‘holiday break’ on the district calendar after only one parent filed a complaint.

Their actions are not setting well with many parents who have demanded to have a public meeting with the district school board. It normally takes 25 signatures on a petition to force such a public meeting but it didn’t take long for Elaine Taylor to collect over 4,000. She commented:

“We want more of a dialogue. We weren’t able to get feedback or thoughts from the committee on what we were trying to get across. Maybe then they would understand that the vote taken before was not in the best interest of the community.”

How many times have we seen the rights of the many trampled on as a result of the complaints of one or two people? No one seems to take into account the complaints of the many who lose their rights and freedoms because of the one grumbler. And if you notice, it’s always the Christian or conservative majority that lose their rights because of an atheist, Muslim, liberal or socialist.

Hopefully, the parents in Belmont, Massachusetts will prevail and send a message to the one lone complaining parent that they are not going to relinquish their rights and freedoms to that person. If the one person doesn’t like Christmas trees, that’s his/her problem, not the entire school district’s.

Additionally, this is another good reason for parents to seriously consider taking their kids out of the public schools before the schools complete their socialist brainwashing and turn your kids into good little comrades.

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