Mayor Marmalade: Ga Mayor Causes Controversy After Dressing in Drag for Fundraiser

The mayor of Kennesaw, Georgia is under fire after he dressed up as a woman for a charity event and sang Marmalade, by Christina Aguilera.

The fundraiser was for to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s research, and Mayor Derek Easterling helped raise a quarter of a million dollars!

11 Alive reports:

The mayor says he was just doing the right thing to make a difference and did not expect all the social media reaction.

“That was my performance: over the top,” he said. “[I wanted to] get people’s attention and say, ‘Hey look, if I can do this, you can too.'”

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However, not everyone believes that his performance was innocent. There are many people who are outraged.

Easterling said he dressed up as Christina Aguilera for a performance of ‘Lady Marmalade,’ “I think it was a success. We raised nearly $250,000,” he said.

He said his performance got the crowd excited, “They were so loud, they were louder than the music. I couldn’t hear the music.”

Easterling said he just wanted to bring awareness to something that impacts millions of people all over the world. But it’s what happened after the performance that’s holding the attention: negative social media reaction like a post from Cobb County Republican Party Vice Chair Debra Ashley Williams.

While some people were busy getting angry at him, there are others who thought it was a great thing. Not many mayors would dress up like that to save money.

Easterling said, “There’s already enough negative in the world. Let’s move forward. Let’s have a little fun. Let’s raise awareness.”

He also added that he will not allow any negative reaction to keep him from being a voice for the program.

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