Mayor Says Obama is a Muslim Destroying America

For the past 7 years I’ve been claiming that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian as he claims to be. There is ample evidence that Obama was raised as a Muslim when he lived in Indonesia as a boy. He easily and eloquently quotes from the Quran while often stammering and making errors when trying to quote from the Bible. The inside of his wedding band has an Islamic inscription. His older half-brother Malik is Muslim and works for questionable people that have been linked to Islamic extremists. Malik often wears a Hamas scarf indicating that Israel does not exist.

For the past 7 years Obama has waged a war against Christianity here in the United States while vigorously defending Islam and giving them rights that he has taken away from Christians. He has worked to force Christians and Christian business owners to do things that are against Christianity yet he doesn’t force Muslims to abide by the same laws.

I’ve also accused Obama of intentionally destroying America by attacking our Christian foundations. He’s undermined the morals and values that made America strong. Marriage and the structure of the family has been perverted with the legalization of same-sex marriages and pushing the special privileged rights of homosexuals that supersede the rights of straight normal people.

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Obama openly defies the US Constitution and federal laws. He has repeatedly committed treason seemingly without any fear of prosecution. He has protected others from being prosecuted for crimes they committed while at the same time attacking conservatives for upholding the Constitution, state and federal laws.

I’ve often wondered why no person holding political office has accused Obama of being a Muslim or that he is intentionally destroying America. Finally, one political leader has done both, accused Obama of being a Muslim who is destroying America and he is being blasted for speaking the truth.

Bruce Hagen is mayor of Superior, Wisconsin, a town of about 27,000 people in the northern west corner of the state, sitting on the shore of Lake Superior. Last week, Hagen posted the following comment about Michele Obama on Facebook:

“Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for!”

My reaction is ‘Amen! Preach it brother!”

However, not everyone shares my feelings about what Hagen posted. The liberals came screaming out of the depths, calling for Hagen to retract his. Hagen has refused to retract his statement, although it has been removed from his Facebook page, saying:

“Do we still have freedom of speech in the country? Sometimes I kind of forget.”

Five liberals on the Superior city council have demanded that Hagen publicly apologize for his statement. If he continues to refuse to apologize and retract his statement about the Obamas, the five liberal council members demanded that Hagen resign from office.

City Councilman Graham Garfield told the local media:

“How can we have a non-partisan elected mayor who has to work with elected officials, including the president’s office, making these comments?”

“I’m not saying he’s done anything criminal, but he’s certainly put his leadership capabilities in question.”

The city council members and other liberals choose to ignore statements Obama has made that self-incriminate him as being a Muslim.

Michael F. Haverluck of OneNewsNow points out:

Much of the speculation about Obama’s allegiance to Islam began with comments he made about his belief in the religion.

“‘Obama, whose father was Muslim, has on at least two occasions referenced his Muslim faith or suggested he was Muslim,’ WND reports. ‘He also has a well-documented history of omitting ‘endowed by their Creator’ from the line in the Declaration of Independence that reads: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’”

“It is also noted that the president has referenced his faith in Islam while speaking with the Leftist media.”

“‘Then-Sen. Obama cited his ‘Muslim faith’ during a 2008 interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who quickly corrected him mid-sentence,’ WND’s Douglas Ernst pointed out.”

“Another questionable remark was made by the president just last month while he was giving a speech in Antalya, Turkey, which was also pointed out by Ernst.”

“‘I think, on one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype, but I also think the Muslim community has to think about how we make sure that children are not being affected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people,’ Obama proclaimed, according to WND.”

“Ernst shared that after Obama’s speech, C-SPAN published an article reporting on the president’s declaration with the headline: ‘Did President Obama Just Admit He Was Muslim?’”

All pathological liars and deceivers eventually slip and tell the truth and Barack HUSSEIN Obama has done so on several occasions. But liberals can’t stand to hear the truth and will fight anyone who speaks the truth if it doesn’t fit with their liberal agenda. Speaking the truth about Obama doesn’t fit in with their agenda and therefore is not allowed.

Had Hagen said anything, even a vicious lie, against any conservative or Christian, his statement would never have been an issue worthy of national attention or for the city council to demand a retraction and resignation. It’s perfectly okay to slander one’s enemies but not their hero. How dare anyone say anything, even the truth, that casts their messiah in a not so messianic picture.

I wish many of our Washington DC politicians would echo the statement made by one brave and truthful mayor, but sadly, none of our politicians in DC have the integrity to speak the truth. They fear the people behind Obama and the fierce attacks they’ll get from the liberal media so cower in silence and allow our nation to be destroyed more and more every day by Obama and his disciples. The scary part of this is that the destruction of America will continue if Hillary Clinton wins the election next November.



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