Mayor Wanting to Turn Atlanta into Mexican Ghetto

Have you ever noticed that most of the liberal tyrant Democrats seem to congregate in large cities while most conservative and patriotic people, generally known as Republicans, live in more rural areas? That’s why the real heart of America is generally found away from the busy, nosy limits of large cities. Just look at the red-blue maps of the last couple presidential elections and you’ll see what I mean.

Atlanta, Georgia, is no different. While many places in the state are God-loving, gun-owning loyal American conservatives, Atlanta is the liberal anti-American center of the state. Mayor Kasim Reed literally worships the ground Barack Obama walks on and readily adheres to everything he says and does, especially when Obama utters his illegal immigration policies.

Reed is in full support of Obama’s welcoming illegals into the US and giving them everything they need and want. He has also made it known that he strongly opposes the lawsuit filed by 26 states, including Georgia, to block Obama’s delayed deportation program. In fact, Reed is willing to give illegals the keys to the city and help them open every door in the city. In a recent statement, Reed said:

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“The truth of the matter is a lot of our foreign-born population lives in rural areas in the region and so I am telling those folks, ‘I think you are better off being inside the city limits.’ And if other folks don’t want to stand up and welcome you, why are you there?”

“I think that folks that don’t embrace these communities are on the wrong side of history, No. 1, and they are also on the wrong side of the economy.”

“So as much as… the governor of Texas criticizes immigrants and beats up on the immigrant population in Texas, if the foreign-born population in Texas were to actually leave and go back to the countries of their origin, Texas’ economy would crater.”

From all of Reed’s many publically made statements supporting allowing illegals to stay in the US, it seems apparent that when he uses the term immigrants that he fully intends it to mean illegal immigrants. I wonder how many of Atlanta’s residents feel about inviting thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of illegal aliens to move into their neighborhoods?

I’ve seen firsthand what this does to nice family friendly neighborhoods. They become crime infested ghettos. Property values and wages go down. Areas with large numbers of illegals, more employers pay minimum wage only since many illegals are happy to work for so little, which brings down the overall wage scale in the area. As much as I support legal immigration, one study showed that during times of high legal immigration, the wage scale for low-skilled workers dropped 7.4%.

Reed is also blind to the facts of what happens when states take a hard stand against illegal aliens. In 2011, Alabama passed strict immigration laws, one of which placed stiff penalties on employers who hired illegals. Many liberal Democrats claimed that the laws would hurt the state’s economy, however, Alabama’s unemployment rate dropped by 1.1% in just two months after the law went into effect and thousands of illegals left the state. When the unemployment rate dropped, the economy improved in response to more legal Alabama residents having jobs.

If Reed gets his wish, you can count on the wage scale dropping in the Atlanta area. Crime and drug use will increase and many neighborhoods will go from being well manicured family friendly areas to littered and trashy looking communities where no one will feel safe to walk the streets during the night or day. The influx of illegals will also bleed the city dry of resources as they abuse the system and the handouts being given to them. Atlanta will become a Mexican ghetto in a matter of years and everyone can thank Kasim Reed for ruining the city.

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