Meanwhile at the IRS, Lois Lerner’s Emails Have ‘Accident’

While the Supreme Court was giving itself unconstitutional powers by rewriting Obamacare, the nearly forgotten case of the IRS persecution of the Tea Party took another turn into the absurd.

Over at the House Oversight Committee, congressmen got to hear the latest “dog ate my homework” excuse from the IRS. The emails of Lois Lerner, designated firewall between the Oval Office and justice, have disappeared.

The IRS is pinning the faux pas on two apparent graduates of the Clinton school of email curation in West Virginia.

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Despite numerous notices, subpoenas and other warnings that all communications involving the Tea Party scandal were to be saved and handed over to Congress, Laurel and Hardy managed to “accidentally” erase 422 backup tapes, permanently deleting some 24,000 emails that pertained to the scandal in which the IRS blocked conservative groups from obtaining nonprofit status in a presidential election year.

While the media either ignore the scandal altogether or else portray it as a tempest in a teapot, it’s noteworthy that using the IRS to bully political opponents was one of the impeachment charges against President Nixon, for which he resigned from office so as not to drag the country through unnecessary pain.

If only the current office holder had a fraction of that love of his country, he would have been gone long ago.

This erasing of the tapes comes after Lerner’s hard drive and the drives of several associates who might have kept copies of her emails crashed in one of the most incredible cases of technological synchronicity on record.

During the attempt to recover Lerner’s personal data, the IT guys failed to note the serial numbers of the hard drive, and recovery was deemed too expensive, with the drive finally being shredded by a metal-chewing machine the IRS keeps around just in case.

If the hard drive and Lerner’s emails were a person, I think the scene at the IRS would have looked something like this:

(Camera pans up from inside car trunk as a couple of mafiosos pop the lid.)

Goombah 1 (Reaching into trunk to pull bound and gagged victim into sitting position. Victim has numerous papers stuffed into bulging pockets, lining of his jacket, shirt collar, etc.): “I trust youse had a pleasant ride.”

Victim (Through gag): “Mmmff!!”

Goombah 2 (Checking victim’s feet, which are covered with nearly dry cement blocks.): “Yeah, dat’s lookin’ good dere. Try to walk. Youse got a boat to catch.”

Victim (Seeing no boat): “Mmrrmf?”

Goombah 1: “Sure dere’s a boat. Don’t youse see it? Right dere, at de enda da pier.”

(Goombahs frog march victim toward end of the pier.)

Goombah 2: “Like da songs say, Aloha, oy, tiny bubbles and all dat. …”

The IRS’s own Laurel and Hardy are no doubt being punished with lavish promotions even as we speak.


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