Media Bias ain’t Brain Surgery

Last week we discovered a new example of how easy it is for media bias to corrupt the news. After all, it’s not brain surgery.

Not that one would know it from the mainstream media, but last week it was revealed the Andrew McCabe former number two guy in the FBI who was fired for lying to…well… just about everybody, spent $70,000 in taxpayer money for a conference room table. Not only was the exorbitant price paid, but the Bureau tried to cover it up. While the MSM ignored the story the Federalist did cover it, saying in part:

The FBI also redacted the conference table’s steep price tag from documents that members of the Senate Judiciary Committee requested, in an apparent attempt to hide it from Congress.

In a letter sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed that the FBI had redacted the cost of the table from a document he and his fellow members of the committee requested to see. Grassley said many of the redactions within the documents made no sense, nor were they made to protect national security secrets.

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“Congress, and the public have a right to know how the Department spends taxpayer money,” Grassley wrote. “I am unaware of any legitimate basis on which the cost of a conference table should be redacted. Embarrassment is not a good enough reason. The manner in which some redactions have been used casts doubt on whether the remaining redactions are necessary and defensible.”

How is this an example of media bias?

Back in March when Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  (HUD)tried to replace a 50-year-old dining room set for $31,000 the media had an absolute cow. One would think he had placed a spy inside the opposing party’s presidential campaign.

The purchase was revealed by CNN on the last day of February, and the media was still railing about the purchase twenty days later despite the fact that Carson had canceled the order as soon as he heard about the cost of the table (via the media).

Testifying during an appearance on Capitol Hill after weeks of scrutiny over the furniture set — a mahogany dining table, chairs and a hutch for private lunches with guests — Carson called the decision to replace the existing set with the new one a “facilities” issue and not a decorating one because of concerns about the old set.

“It’s my understanding that the facilities people felt that the dining room table was actually dangerous,” he told a House Appropriations subcommittee. “People are being stuck by nails, a chair collapsed with somebody sitting in it, it’s 50 years old.”

Another Carson office dining room table controversy media went crazy over is that Carson is a typical married man. That is when faced with selecting a dining room set he consulted with his wife.  For some men, such as Dr. Carson and me, purchasing furniture is much more difficult than brain surgery…

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