Media Bias Blatantly Obvious During Presidential Debates

A very interesting thing happened during Monday morning’s broadcast of Morning Joe on MSNBC. Joe Scarborough took his network and their parent network (NBC) along with the other main stream media outlets (ABC,CBS, etc.) to task over the shocking amount of bias in their reporting. The conversation began with a discussion of the very bad CNBC GOP presidential debate from last week, but quickly evolved into a much larger (and in my opinion, very important) discussion about bias in the media.

Interestingly enough, even on his own show, Joe Scarborough was the only Republican (and most conservatives would hesitate to call Scarborough a conservative) in the discussion. Even so, Scarborough told his colleagues (all liberals) Mark Halperin, Mika Brzezinski, Mike Barnicle and Willie Geist that the extreme bias in today’s (and for the last 50 years) media has been bad for the country.

While Brzezinski and Halperin generally agreed, Barnicle took an opposing view saying, “If the Republicans got their wish of impartial moderators, impartial reporters asking questions, the Republicans would lose one of their biggest issues, which is running against the media.” Scarborough replied by offering up an imaginary scenario to help his liberal colleague understand the position that conservative candidates are in. Scarborough told of a scenario where the tables were turned and conservatives were moderating a debate of liberal candidate.

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Do you know that at six months, a little baby inside a mother’s womb has–and then I’d go into details about that. Do you really think you should stop a beating heart, Mike Barnicle, and murder the baby and then harvest its organs? Do you really think that’s a good thing?

And the next question is, I’d do a set-up about how somebody was slaughtered and they didn’t have a gun because they had a five-day waiting period.

Then he asked Barnicle if it the questions being asked would be good for Democrat candidate because it would give them a chance to criticize “the conservative media”?

It’s a great question, and Scarborough should be applauded for cutting right to the heart of the matter. The media’s malpractice in handling our nation’s politics has been incredibly harmful to our electoral process and to the direction and state of our nation. We educated, conservative voters should make it our business to demand that they reform themselves or face the consequences. Today, we have many different avenues and opportunities to seek our news and information from; if the media refuses to report the day’s events fairly, then we will take our business, our money and our time elsewhere.

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