Media so Focused on Shooting of Criminal Michael Brown that They Ignore Murder of Border Patrol Agent by Illegals

For the past few weeks most all of the national mainstream media have been focused on is fueling the fires of racial hatred in the shooting of Michael Brown. The media have already convicted Officer Darren Wilson of intentionally murdering Brown, regardless of what the evidence says. They’ve ignored the fact that Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket at the hands of Brown. They’ve ignored the fact that Brown had just robbed a convenience store and physically shoved the store clerk out of the way. They’ve ignored the autopsy report that contradicts the eyewitness account and shows that Brown was shot from the front while he was charging Wilson.

Racial hatred and bigotry sells news and that’s all the media cares about. They don’t care about justice or the truth.

The shooting of Michael Brown took place on Saturday, Aug. 9. Six days earlier, US Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr. was cold bloodedly murdered in front of this wife, children and parents on his day off. The same liberal mainstream media that have been feasting on Ferguson, Missouri have ignored that a United States peace officer was brutally slain by two illegals.

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Vega Jr, his wife Paola, their three kids, and Vega Jr’s. parents Javier Sr and Maria were on a Sunday fishing trip at a spot about 20 minutes north of La Feria, Texas. The small Texas town is less than ten miles north of the Rio Bravo del Norte River which serves as the border with Mexico.

While the family was enjoying their day of fishing, illegal Mexicans Gustavo Tijernia, 30 and Ismael Hernandez 40 pulled up in their car and tried to rob Vega family. Instinctively, Vega Jr. reached for his gun but before he could pull it to defend his family, the Mexicans shot him in the chest. Vega Sr. grabbed his son’s gun and began to shoot at the Mexican robbers when they returned fire, hitting him in the hip. Senior has since been released from the hospital. Reportedly, Marie grabbed an AR-15 and shot at the murderers as they drove off.

As the illegals sped away, they crashed their car and took refuge in nearby home. The home owner managed to notify Border Patrol and the house was soon surrounded and the illegals captured. They have been charged with capital murder, attempted capital murder, four counts of aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence.

According to one report, Tijernia may be a gunman for the Gulf Cartel, an infamous drug organization that has no regard for human life. Authorities believe that he may also be involved in a number of similar armed robberies that have taken place in the area over the past six weeks. One of Tijernia’s other robbery victims was another US Border Patrol agent who also fishing on his day off.

Tijernia has a record of entering the US illegally in July 2007 and again in Oct 2007. The first time he was sentenced to 30 days already served and fined $10. The second offense landed him 60 days in jail and another $10 fine. He was caught again in Oct 2008 that cost him 90 days in jail and another $10 fine or processing fee.

In Dec 2009, a grand jury indicted Tijernia for again entering the US illegally. The indictment stated that Tijernia:

“…had previously been denied admission, excluded, deported and removed, knowing and unlawfully was present in the United States having been found near Edinburg, Texas.”

After a warrant was issued for his arrest which stated that he faced up to 20 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines, Tijernia was held without bond in Jan 2010. Instead of 20 years and quarter million dollar fine, he received a slap on the hand of only 9 months in jail and a $100 fine.

Hernandez, the other illegal who murdered Vega Jr has also been deported twice and was again roaming US soil.

The murder of Vega Jr. should have made headlines across the nation. Americans should be in an uproar over the border crisis and demanding the White House take immediate action to protect American citizens from ruthless gunmen, robbers and drug traffickers.

After all, Obama was quick to call for justice in the Michael Brown shooting and US Attorney General Eric Holder even made a trip to Ferguson to help stir up the racial hatred. But when it comes to the senseless murder of a federal law enforcement officer in front of his family, Obama and Holder remain silent. The mainstream media remained silent. Most reports on the murder of Javier Vega Jr. appeared on non-mainstream media and news from the United Kingdom. Ask yourself why the US media ignored this news while the Daily Mail in the UK did report on it?

The reason is simple. Both murderers are an embarrassment to the Obama administration and their failed immigration program. The administration lets thousands of illegals with criminal records loose on our streets when they should be in prison or deported. The administration leaves our border virtually unprotected so these repeat offenders can just wade across the river and carry out their attacks on US citizens. And who knows who else, such as Muslim extremists, members of ISIS, the Taliban or al Qaeda are also just walking over the border and free to carry out their evil destruction of America and Americans.

It’s more important for Obama to stir up racial divide in America than to protect US citizens and acknowledge the murder of a federal officer.

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