Media Hell Bent on Destroying America’s Core Values

We all know that the main stream media has gone over to the dark side of leftist liberalism. They go to extremes to denigrate Christians and conservatives for telling the truth and standing up for what they believe while at the same time they praise liberals for their lies, corruption and anti-American ways.

Yet the extremes taken by main stream media over the past month or two demonstrates their efforts to destroy the core values and morals that made America great.

When Donald Trump spoke out about the problems with illegal aliens, the media and every liberal in the nation vilified him. Sadly, most supposedly conservative Republicans also vilified Trump for speaking the truth. The fact is that many of the illegals that cross into our country are criminals. Neighborhoods where illegals congregate see significant increases in robberies, physical and sexual assaults, rapes and murders. Illegal drug trafficking and use skyrockets. If Trump is not telling the truth, then ask why Mexico and other nations refuse to accept the return of their own citizens if they’re such good people?

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Next the media attacked Trump like a school of piranha attacking a wounded animal in the water, for not correcting a man who said Obama is a Muslim and not a US citizen. Trump didn’t say those things about Obama and it’s really not his place to defend the worst traitor in our nation’s history.

Everyone in the media, all the Democrats and many Republicans have again vilified Trump over this, but let me ask a simple question: If Barack Obama is the good Christian everyone says he is then why has he imposed so many anti-Christian policies and laws? It’s obvious that Obama has been waging a war against Christians while glorifying Muslims. Barack Obama was raised a Muslim. He recites the Koran far more accurately and eloquently than he can recite the Bible.

As for Obama’s citizenship, everyone seems to accept that it has been resolved when in reality it’s never been resolved, but the media and liberals won’t admit it. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Posse thoroughly investigated the birth certificate presented by the White House and found overwhelming evidence that it was a forgery. When Sheriff Arpaio and his lead investigator presented their findings to the public, the Obama administration launched a vicious campaign to destroy Sheriff Joe and his entire department and those attacks are still ongoing.

This past week, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson made the statement that he would not want to see a Muslim be president. He justified his statement that Muslim values and beliefs are not conducive to American values and beliefs which is completely true. But once again, the media frenzy has turned on Carson because of his statements.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been collecting, formatting and posting international constitutions to To date, there are 148 constitutions of other countries posted on the site and one thing I’ve noticed is that a number of Muslim countries have many provisions in their constitutions that are NOT conducive with the US Constitution. Many name Islam as the official religion and almost all of the Muslim nations’ constitutions make provisions for sharia law and sharia courts.

Sharia law denigrates women to the same status as cattle or mundane household possessions. A husband, father, brother, uncles, etc. has the right to beat and even kill a female relative if he believes she has brought shame to the family. Sharia law also justifies the murder of anyone who speaks out against Islam and Mohammed. The list of things that sharia law allows or doesn’t allow goes on and on, but be it known that it is very anti-American in nature. In fact, Muslim politicians in America are already trying to change American law to sharia law because they know the two are not compatible.

Therefore, Ben Carson is right and I agree with him that because of the differences between Islam and America that no Muslim should ever serve as president. And based on the actions and words of Barack Obama, I fear that it’s already too late because we do have a Muslim in White House and he has done many things that are against the American Constitution.

I live in northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio, so our local news is Cincinnati based. Nicknamed the Queen City, Cincinnati has been run by liberal Democrats since I moved here in 1996 and their local news stations clearly exhibit that liberal mentality. Last Monday night, the one station had a feature on the GOP candidates where they said that some take the high road and others take the low road. They went on to explain that Trump and Carson are the ones taking the low road for their outlandish statements. They praised Ohio Governor John Kasich for taking the high road, because he’s a liberal Republican and not a conservative. Basically, anyone who has the moral fortitude to stand up and speak the truth is taking the low road, but those who are willing to compromise and sacrifice America’s core values and morals are the ones taking the high road.

Then on Saturday, the Huffington Post posted an article on Kim Davis the Kentucky clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals because of her Christian faith. I applaud Davis for taking a strong stand for her faith. I believe that few Christians in America would do the same.

I’m not the only person to applaud Davis for her stand. Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, just presented Davis with a ‘Cost of Discipleship Award.’ In presenting her with the award, Perkins compared Davis to Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and Abraham Lincoln.

Instead of praising Davis for standing up for her Christian faith, the Huffington Post denigrated Davis by titling their post: Kim Davis Gets An Award For Breaking The Law To Discriminate Against Gay People.

Therefore, I can’t help but conclude that the liberal media is hell bent on destroying America’s core values and dragging our nation down into the very depths of depravity, despair and destruction.

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