Media Ignores Black Woman’s Vicious Attack of White Woman with Toddler

The liberal mainstream media feeds on racial hatred, but their reporting is strictly one sided. They only seem to report white on black crimes but rarely, if ever, do they report on black on white crime, at least that’s the way it’s been ever since half black Barack Obama moved into the White House.

By 2012, the number of incidents of black mob violence against whites had reached epidemic levels. For some reason, when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, black violence against whites took a dramatic increase. What didn’t make sense is that Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white, but that didn’t make any difference to the rising number of black mobs.

By 2013, the number of incidents of black mob violence against whites was higher than in 2012. The 2013 Memorial Day saw black mob violence against whites take place in Jacksonville, Rochester, West Bloomfield, Baltimore and Miami Beach. Many other cities throughout the nation were also reporting increases in black on white violence, but we never saw any of this on the national news.

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The liberal media and activists like Al Sharpton could care less about the huge increase of black on white violence. Instead they focus their attention on fewer incidents of white on black violence, turning them into national news.

Recently I saw the video below of two white women sitting on a park bench. One was holding a toddler in her arms. They were talking to some black women when another black woman enters the picture and tells the whites to get up. Then the black woman violently grabs the hair of the white woman with the toddler and jerks both woman and toddler to ground where the black woman proceeds to violently beat the white woman while continually pulling her hair. You can hear the toddler crying as the attack takes place.

This is the type of racial hatred taking place in America at an alarming rate, yet you won’t see any of it covered by the mainstream media and you won’t find activists like Al Sharpton condemning it. I guarantee you that if it had been a white woman attacking a black woman holding a toddler; Sharpton would have been on the scene asap screaming racial hatred. But since it was a black attacking a white, no one says anything about it being a racially motivated hate crime and the video that captured it will never reach your television screen like the videos of Freddie Gray and other white cop on black incidents.

The racial division that Obama and Sharpton constantly condemn is of their own making. If there wasn’t any racial hatred in America, Sharpton would be broke. He makes his living by creating, perpetuating and publicizing alleged racism of whites when in fact the most racist people I know and see are blacks, not whites. Blacks can get away with almost anything, but whites cannot even look at a black person without being accused of racial hatred.

This is the one sided racial divide that Obama and his followers have created here in America.


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