Media Reality Check on the Smartest Guy in the Room

On the 20th anniversary of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s matrimonial blessing of Barack and Michelle Obama, MSNBC’s talking heads experienced a reality check: President Obama isn’t the smartest guy in the room after all. For 90 minutes, Obama’s media pep squad watched in frustrated silence as Clint Eastwood’s empty chair struggled to formulate a cogent argument while Mitt Romney politely spanked the President’s inflated ego.

As it is with all Obama failures, a desperate attempt was made by MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow to blame veteran PBS journalist Jim Lehrer and a new debate format for the President’s demoralizing oratorical collapse. Sadly, blue blood debate prepper Sen. John Kerry had to settle for an honorable mention for his failed contribution to what will probably become the worst First Family wedding anniversary in U.S. history. Can you imagine our ebony queen’s reaction when she got her man home? This can’t be good for David Axelrod’s career having underestimated a 16 handicap President’s preparation for his match with a so called robotic republican candidate like Mitt Romney.

Former Governor Romney’s Wednesday night “come to Jesus” talk revealed all of Obama’s character flaws; flaws that have been camouflaged by a biased media who will say anything to see the President elected again. It must have been demoralizing for the MSNBC crew to watch as progressive dreams of gay marriage, income redistribution and rule by fiat dissipated as Obama’s cheese slid off his cracker. Therapist’s phones all over New York must be ringing off the hook for emergency interventions and anti-anxiety prescription refills.  I’ll bet Rachael Maddow’s significant other got an earful when her man-boy got home.

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When will Obamas masters of illusion and spin learn that imagination and rhetoric is a useless arsenal when a political errand boy faces a live debate with a successful former Massachusetts State governor and 25 years of documented business acumen? The Presidents reliance on fuzzy math and regurgitated campaign sound bites my sound good to his Pell grant coveting base but it doesn’t fly with the 53%.

Romney’s responses to both the moderator’s questions and Obama’s corrupt logic where clear, concise and convincing while the President appeared unprepared, confused and unconcerned.  One would think that even our absentee President would understand that debates aren’t the “View” or “Letterman”. Serious voters are demanding sober solutions to grave problems, not Billy Mays sales pitches. Evidently Joe Biden was correct in his 2007 democratic primary debate assessment of Barack Obama when he said: “The Office of President does not lend itself to on the job training.”

For me the media gaffe of the evening occurred during MSNBC’s post-debate analysis courtesy of long time Obama suck up and self-anointed little guy advocate Ed Schultz. To my surprise, Schultz used a below the belt racially tinged basketball reference when describing Obama’s failure to take point (as in point guard) during the debate. In defense of Mr. Schultz’s invoking a so-called republican “dog whistle”; Ed  was clearly shaken by Obama’s ambivalence after all Big Ed didn’t catch Romney’s humorous and sublime blending of references to “China” (a popular 20th wedding anniversary gift) with his analysis of Obama runaway debt. Perhaps Mr. Schultz will hold Governor Romney accountable for his disrespect at the next debate.

In the liberal fantasy world of controlled outcomes Wednesday night’s debate loss will only invigorate the left wing propaganda machines efforts to stack the deck against Romney. Governor Romney just poked a hornet’s nest and I hope he’s prepared to get stung a lot more in the next debate. My guess is he already sees it coming and President Obama better show up waving a white flag high and clear. For once it’s nice to watch truth and decency prevail in our sorry excuse for a neutral media.

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