Medicaid: 20th Most Populous Nation in the World

In December 2008, there were 44.75 million Americans enrolled in Medicaid programs.  Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office in January 2009.  At the end of the 2013 fiscal year, Medicaid enrollment had swelled to 72.7 million people.  That’s a 62% increase in just five years, the five years of Obama’s rein.

Under the rein of George W. Bush, Medicaid enrollment went from 38.48 million in December 2002 to 44.75 million in December 2008.  That’s only an increase of 16% over 8 years.  Yeah, I know that you liberals out there will instantly blame Bush for what happened after Obama took over.  However, if you study economic history, you will discover that what’s happened under Obama is due to Bill Clinton’s creative mortgage policies and Obama’s socialist agenda, and has little to do with Bush.

The total population of the US is 317.8 million.  The percentage of Americans on Medicaid is 23%, meaning that nearly 1 of every 4 people are dependent on Medicaid. At the current rate, there could be 89.5 million people on Medicaid by the time Obama’s second term expires.

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If you compared the number of people on Medicaid to the populations of other countries, you would find that Medicaid would be the 20th most populous nation in the world.  There are more Americans on Medicaid than the total population of Thailand (67.7 million), France (66.3 million), United Kingdom (63.7 million) and Italy (61.7 million).

When I said earlier that the huge increase in the number of people enrolled in Medicaid is due to Obama’s socialist agenda, consider this.  Socialism requires the elimination of the middle class.  In a socialistic nation there is the ruling elite and then everyone else which in most cases are comparable to the lower income class of people who become dependent upon the government for most of their needs.

Medicaid is a federal-state partnership program to provide healthcare to lower income families.  The huge increase in Medicaid enrollment is indicative of the number of Middle Class Americans that have dropped into the lower income class due to the economic and employment recession.

If Obama and his Democratic minions are allowed to implement immigration reform and raising the minimum wage, the number of Americans that will drop from the middle class and become eligible for Medicaid will continue to swell.  The results could increase Medicaid enrollees to nearly 110 million by the end of 2016, making nearly 1 of every 3 people receiving Medicaid.

Add this to the strict anti-Second Amendment laws that Obama keeps trying to pass and America could be ripe for his socialist take over before his term expires.  Yeah, people say that couldn’t happen in America, but let me ask you this: twenty years ago, would you have believed me if it told you that homosexuality would become legally acceptable, marijuana would be legalized and that millions of illegal immigrants would be rewarded for their violation of US immigration laws?  Would you have believed that we would have a President and Attorney General who openly violate the US Constitution and the laws of the land and even tell state attorney generals to disregard laws they don’t agree with?  Would you have believed me if I told you that Christian business owners would be ordered to violate their faith by catering to homosexuals and forced to provide birth control and abortifacients to their employees?

Take a good look at history and you will see that every nation that has embraced the debauchery and sins that we as a nation are now embracing soon fell from power.  The swelling enrollment in Medicare is a symptom of a growing disease that will be fatal to America if not controlled now.  One, two or three years could be too late to save the nation from the cancer known as Obama socialism.

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