Men in Women’s Bathrooms Turn Polls Away from Transgender Anti-Discrimination Laws

California and Maryland have passed a transgender anti-discrimination law that prevents anyone from offending people claiming to be a transgender person. Most polls are showing that the American public is growing more supportive of such laws. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll revealed that 46% of American adults favor laws banning any discrimination against transgender individuals. This covers employment, housing and public accommodations. Only 34% opposed such laws and 21% were undecided.

But when the issue of allowing men claiming to be women being allowed to use women’s bathroom and showers, the support for the anti-discrimination laws drops from 46% to only 24% and opposition rises from 34% to 56%.

Interestingly, 53% of the women polled favored the anti-discrimination laws while only 38% of the men polled favored the same. When the same people were asked about the idea of a transgender man using a woman’s bathroom, support among the ladies fell to only 30% and male support dropped to a mere 19%.

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When broken down by age groups, adults under 40 were far more supportive of the anti-discrimination laws, however, that support dropped by more than half when asked about men using the ladies’ bathroom.

To no surprise, more Democrats (59%) support anti-discrimination laws to protect transgenders while only 35% of the Republicans support it. When asked about transgender men using ladies’ bathrooms, Democratic support dropped to 39% and Republican support plummeted to 10%.

Many people feel sorry for people who claim to be transgender and feel that they should be protected from being discriminated against. That is until they are faced with the reality that a man claiming to be a woman inside would have the legal right to share the same bathroom with the ladies, wives and daughters.

I wish Rasmussen Reports would have included asking them about high school and college ages boys claiming to be transgendered girls being allowed to use the same locker rooms and showers as their daughters. I’m sure the support for anti-discrimination would have dropped even lower than it did when asked about use of bathrooms.

People need to think through their decisions and weigh all of the consequences before they take action on anything, especially on an issue like anti-discrimination laws to protect transgender people. Such laws take away the rights to privacy, decency and morality for the rest of America. They subject our wives, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, aunts, nieces and cousins to the lecherous desires of sexual predators who will claim they are female for the sole purpose of intruding into women’s public bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. If these laws continue to get enacted we are setting our loved ones up for molestation and rape, and I for one do not think it is worth the risk. I know that my wife will do everything possible to avoid using a public bathroom if these laws are enacted here in Kentucky.

Perhaps one solution is to arm every woman in America with a conceal carry gun and if any of these sexual predators stalk them in a public bathroom; they’ll be able to defend themselves. Actually, I believe this should be a rider attached to every transgender anti-discrimination bill considered.

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