Mexican Drug Cartels Rule Southern Arizona According To Local Ranchers

For the past several years, President Barack Obama has been telling the American people that our borders are more secure now than they’ve been in years.  He cites fewer arrests of illegal aliens to back his point, but the reduction in arrests are due to his stopping ICE agents from carrying out federal law.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has invited Obama to come tour the Arizona-Mexico border with her to see just how secure it is, but Obama refuses.  Ranchers in southern Arizona have invited Obama to come to their lands to see just how safe and secure they are but Obama refuses.  They know if he did come and meet with the ranchers and other locals that he would quickly find out the truth and like Jack Nicholson said the movie A Few Good Men, ‘You can’t handle the truth!’

Because Obama won’t enforce the federal immigration laws, Arizona took matters into their own hands and passed the highly controversial SB70 immigration law.  Liberal courts have struck down some of the measures of the law, but others still remain in effect, but state law enforcement personnel are still frustrated by the lack of federal support.  When asked about SB70, Gov. Brewer responded:

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“How many times do people have to say, ‘secure our borders,’ and be rebuffed?”

Earlier this year, rancher Dan Bell reported that he sees illegals crossing on a daily basis.  Bell’s ranch borders Mexico and it’s not only illegals crossing the border but the drug cartels use his property as a regular pathway to smuggle their illegal drugs into the US.

In a video report released this week by The Blaze, a number of Arizona ranchers spoke out that not only are illegals and drugs crossing the border on a regular basis, but that much of the southern border area of Arizona is run by drug cartel law, not American law.  One rancher interviewed and named only as Mary, because she was afraid that the cartels would retaliate against her for speaking out, told The Blaze:

“It’s not our country anymore.  We may be bound to the laws of our country, but we’re living by the law of the cartels.”

Cochise County is one of the Arizona counties that share a border with Mexico.  Mark Dannels, Sheriff of Cochise County said that their 83 mile border with Mexico has seen a marked increase in violence and that it is an example of the failure of the federal government to secure the border.  Dannels told The Blaze:

“Border security should be a primary issue even before we talk about immigration reform.  The biggest change from 1984 until current is the violence on the border.”

Joe Weazel, head of The Blaze’s documentary group that put together the film reported:

“The ranchers we interviewed were fed up with the mainstream media.”

“The networks had turned them into race-baiters or anti-immigrant but this isn’t the case at all.  This issue is about smuggling, national security and that their property is being overrun by drug cartels. We have first hand accounts and evidence.”

“The citizens of Cochise County are frustrated, living in danger and many of them have lost faith in the federal government.  This isn’t just about them, it’s about the national security of our country. It’s about protecting everyone from this very real threat.”

I have a lot of family and friends that live in Arizona and I constantly hear reports about the violence and damage caused by the drug cartels and illegals.  In some areas, whole communities live in fear and only come out of their homes to go to work, school or shop.  Kids are not allowed to play outside.  Many of the residents of the small border towns have packed up and moved further north because of the increased dangers.

At least Sheriff Dannels can still stop and detain suspected illegals and drug dealers and try to make a dent in what some of my friends refer to as the Mexican highway.  Unfortunately, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had his hands tied by the federal government and a court appointed monitor to watch his department.  Law enforcement officers in Maricopa County (home to nearly 4 million people) are not allowed to stop and question suspicious vehicles or Hispanics without having sufficient probable cause or for some other crime.  Thus, any drug cartel members or illegals have virtually free access to travel about the Phoenix metropolitan area due to Obama’s targeting of Arpaio’s department.

The situation in southern and central Arizona is critical.  It’s as if the southern section of the nation is a foreign country being run by merciless, blood thirsty thugs.  And this is occurring for the sole purpose of Obama securing the illegal votes of illegal aliens.  His policies will allow millions of illegals to vote in local, state and federal elections and over 90% of them vote Democrat.  Obama is sacrificing national security, the lives and livelihood of American citizens all for votes.

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