Mexico Calls Trump Racist Because He Doesn’t Want Their Criminals or Poor

For decades, the Mexican government has done little to prevent their poor people and their criminals from illegally leaving their country for the US. They’ve been happy to see thousands of violent criminals and gang members move their violent ways to the US. They’ve also been happy to see millions of poor Mexicans leave their country as that is less of a burden on their government.

On this side of the border, the US has never taken appropriate measures to secure our border with Mexico. For decades the operations of the Border Patrol have not been able to stop the influx of illegals. A few past presidents and Congresses have made gestures to secure the border, but they’ve always been inadequate and incomplete. Since Barack Obama assumed his current position, the steady stream of illegals has become a flood and like most floods it’s having devastating effects on our nation as he welcomes them with open arms.

In the meantime, thousands of American citizens have fallen victim to the violent crimes perpetrated by illegals from south of the border. Children are molested and sexually assaulted. Men are beaten, robbed, stabbed and shot by illegals. Women are being raped, beaten, robbed, stabbed and shot by illegals.

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I’ve written many times how I’ve witnessed what happens to nice family friendly neighborhoods when illegals move in. Crime goes up and property values go down. Families no longer feel safe and many move out if they are able. Those that aren’t able to move install bars on windows and get home security alarm systems. Kids are no longer allowed to play outside and adults no longer take evening walks.

To date, not one politician, Democrat, Republican or Independent have put forth a plan to protect America and its citizens from the cancerous spread of illegal aliens.

Then billionaire tycoon Donald Trump jumps on the GOP presidential bandwagon and says he wants to build a wall the entire length of the border that will effectively stop illegals from crossing and he wants to deport every illegal in the US no matter what age they were when they came here.

I’ve been advocating the very same thing Trump just said. Only I’ve added that I would deploy several thousand US military troops along the entire border with orders to prevent illegal crossing of the border by any means necessary including the use of deadly force if warranted.

Virtually every politician, regardless of political affiliation has condemned Trump for his immigration policy proving that even so-called conservative Republicans aren’t that conservative after all.

Now the Mexican government has jumped on the criticism bandwagon by labeling Trump a racist because he doesn’t want their people illegally crossing our border. Mexico’s foreign ministry told the media:

“We continue to stand by our position that these comments reflect prejudice, racism or plain ignorance.”

“Anyone who understands the depth of the U.S.-Mexico relationship realizes that those proposals are not only prejudiced and absurd, but would be detrimental to the well-being of both societies.”

Excuse me? What’s racist about wanting to protect your own country? Mexico takes measures to arrest and jail or deport people who enter their country illegally, so isn’t it hypocritical of them to condemn us for doing the same thing?

Did you know that the reason US Customs and Immigration gives for releasing hundreds of thousands of illegals with felony convictions back out to continue their attacks on US citizens is that their home countries refuse to take them back. If I were president, I wouldn’t accept that and forcibly ship them home AND I would bill the home country for costs incurred in the arresting, processing and deportation of their citizens back to them, making the system pay for itself.

I’ve seen polls that try to justify allowing illegals to stay in the US and take our jobs, deplete our coffers by stealing hundreds of million dollars in benefits and continue their unbridled crime sprees. Yet one of the reasons that Trump is doing so well in the polls and even seems to be climbing further ahead is that the American people like what he’s saying and are fed up with most politicians.

America is supposed to be a land of the people, not of politicians and illegals. In fact, if you take a hard look at who is in control of America at this moment you will find it’s three primary groups: liberal/socialist politicians, LGBT perverts and illegals. They may not be the majorities but they’ve become the most vocal and in control in changing the structure of America.

I’m not a big Donald Trump fan, but on immigration, he’s the only candidate I’ve ever heard that is gutsy enough to speak out on what America really needs to do with 20 million illegals – ship their butts home and make sure they stay there and Americans are listening to him.


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