Mexico Charging People to Enter Country While Sending Their People Here Free

I’m not an advocate of war and believe in avoiding war if at all possible, but if I was asked if the US should take military action against Mexico, I would probably support the effort.

Why? Here is why.

To begin with, Mexico has done nothing to stop the flood of illegals from crossing our southern border. In some areas, local officials encourage Mexicans to travel to the US illegally, work and send their US dollars back home to their families in Mexico. Some local economies are thriving on ill-gotten money sent to them from illegals working in our country. Of course now that Obama has granted them the right to stay and work, more will come and take advantage of our generosity and send even more money back to their families.

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Over the past couple of years, there have been over 300 occurrences of the Mexican Army illegally crossing the border into the US. There was one instance where the Mexican Army fired and wounded an American citizen inside the US. On one occasion, they landed a military helicopter on our side of the border. In all of these there have never been any official apologies on the part of the Mexican government.

While Mexican officials continue to allow gun toting drug cartels to freely cross into the US, they go out of their way to arrest and jail any American that crosses into Mexico with a firearm. Case in point was the arrest and imprisonment of US Marine Reservist Andrew Tahmooressi who made a wrong turn on the highway leading from San Diego to Mexico. He spent 8 months in prison and fear for his life for getting lost on the highway which is easy to do if you’ve ever been there.

Now Mexican officials have announced that they are going to start charging everyone that enters their country with the intention of staying longer than 7 days or who will be working in Mexico. According to Rudolfo Figueroa, a representative for the National Immigration Institute in Mexico (INAMI):

“We are doing what should be done. Foreigners who enter Mexico have the obligation to register; if they will be in national territory for more than seven days, they have to pay the right of non-residents.”

“People that enter Mexico for a period under seven days do not have to pay anything. Only those who enter for a longer period of time and those who are going to be involved in paid work.”

The fee isn’t that much, only 306 pesos or about $28 US, but it’s the principle that upsets me. Mexico is reaping a huge financial reward by allowing their citizens to come to the US illegally, work illegally (regardless of what Obama says) and then send some of their money back to families in Mexico.

It’s time for the US to take some type of action to stop Mexico’s illegal theft of US money. We need to send our troops to the border with orders to stop EVERY person trying to cross the border illegally. We have enough troops to station them along the 1,900 miles of the Mexican border. If armed drug traffickers or the Mexican army crosses illegally again then our troops should have the authorization to take whatever action is necessary to repel them and that includes lethal force if need be.

I’ve also advocated charging the countries of origin for every illegal arrested, detained, processed and deported. If Mexico wants to start charging people who travel to their country, then they should be willing to pay for their people illegally traveling to ours. If the Mexican government doesn’t like it, then they need to start protecting their side of the border and stop their people from crossing the border.

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