Mexico Deports More Illegals than the US

There are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens crossing our border every year. According to the letter of the federal immigration laws, they should all be arrested, processed and deported back to their own countries, but as we all know, Barack Obama values illegals more than he values Americans and is allowing millions of them to remain here.

Most of the illegals coming into our country are crossing our southern border with Mexico. The people come from Mexico, Central and South America as well as from Africa and the Middle East, but the largest percentage of illegals are Hispanic and come from Mexico and Central America.

But what if I told you that Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the US and that they deport more illegals than we do? And what if I told you that entering the US is only a misdemeanor but entering Mexico illegally is a felony? Furthermore, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto has been trying to get the US to lessen our immigration laws in order to allow more of his people to come to our country.

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According to a recent report, the US only deported 104,688 illegals in 2014 while Mexico deported 107,199 illegals just from Central America. Mexico takes a much harsher stand on people entering their country illegally but they don’t want the US to do the same.

Chris Cabrera of the National Border Patrol Council points out the hypocrisy between what Mexico does and what they want us to do. In a recent interview he stated:

“It’s defies logic on his stance on how we should be as strong as they are.”

Cabrera also said that Obama’s executive action of the delayed deportation is putting a strain on our society. He also said that US Immigration and Custom Enforcement doesn’t have the manpower to protect and secure the border nor do they have the manpower to catch illegals once they cross.

If you recall, Obama cut the number of Border Patrol agents a couple of years ago in an action that many claim made our borders more vulnerable to illegal trafficking of people, drugs and terrorists. He has intentionally weakened our borders so that millions of illegals can enter the country in hopes that they will illegally register to vote and cast ballots for Democrats in the upcoming elections. That is more important to Obama than the national security of our nation and the welfare of American citizens.

I still contend that we should place our military along our southern border and have them protect America instead of foreign nations. Equip them with everything they need to secure our border 100% and give them strict orders to use whatever means is necessary to prevent illegal crossings. That will free up Border Patrol agents to round up the millions of illegals already here so they can be deported back to their own countries. I would also charge Congress to make it a felony to illegally enter the US.

Once the message gets out that entering the US illegally will be much harder and result in swift action, the number of illegals will drop drastically. It would also result in a huge reduction of illegal drug trafficking and will help reduce crime in many areas of our nation. More jobs will be freed up for Americans who really want to work and there will be less of a financial drain on local, state and federal coffers. It’s a win-win-win-win solution that no liberal and few conservatives would dare consider.

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