Mexico’s Presidential Election May Affect You More Than You Know

Whether you realize it or not, our elections this year are not the only presidential election that will have an impact on your life.

For the past five and half years, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon has been more of an ally to the US than many of you realize.  Calderon has waged a war against the drug cartels and has allowed CIA operatives to work on Mexican soil to help fight the war on drugs.  He has also authorized the use of drone aircraft to monitor the drug cartels.

The Calderon government, with the aid and cooperation of the US, has made an impact in the battle to slow the influx of illegal drugs into the US.  His administration has spent around $45 billion and deployed 45,000 Mexican army troops in various regions of the nation.

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However, Mexican law only allows a President to serve one six year term.  At present, the leading presidential candidate for the June 1 election is Enrique Pena Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.  Nieto and the IRP have been known for allowing some drug cartels to have semiautonomous control over certain regions of Mexico.  This has many officials and law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border concerned and somewhat pessimistic if in fact Nieto wins the election.

Some experts believe that it would be difficult for Nieto to reverse the war on drugs that Calderon has waged as it would make him look bad in international political circles.  On the other hand, other experts say that it would be easy for Nieto to back off on the major drug cartels that his political party has allowed to operate in the past.  He could justify scaling back the drug war and troop deployment by blaming the economy.

If Nieto is elected and does hold true to the history of the IRP, the volume of illegal drugs entering the US is certain to dramatically increase.  More drugs in the US means more drug addicts and more drug addicts always have a direct impact on crime rates as they have to pay for their addiction somehow.  Burglaries, robberies, assaults, rapes and murder will all see an increase.

You may feel that this does not concern you, but can you guarantee that you or someone close to you will not end up a victim to one of these drug related crimes?  If you believe that, then you are very naïve and live with a false sense of security.

Like it or not, the Mexican presidential election just may have an impact on your life and if it does, it will not be a positive one.

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