Michelle Obama, Department of Agriculture Letting Kids Go Hungry

This must be part of how Obamacare is going to control costs.

The nosy Left has always tried to tell people how and what to eat. Whether it be bans on foie gras or super-size sodas, liberals can’t resist the urge to make us all into malnourished, vitamin-popping tofu eaters.

But now the food fascists, spearheaded by first lady Michelle Obama and the Department of Agriculture, are tackling the “obesity problem” by skimping on school lunches.

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I first noticed this with our local high school, where the kids have been complaining about the declining quality of their lunch menus. One of the biggest issues the students are having is that they can no longer get a full, much less a balanced, meal, being forced to make choices like pizza or fries as a main course and no longer having the choice of a salad or fruit as a side. The drinks have also gotten smaller.

Initially, I thought it might be a California problem, since liberals have spent the state to the edge of oblivion, but now Townhall.com has confirmed that this is happening at schools across the country. High school athletes in Wisconsin, students in South Dakota and kids elsewhere are just getting sick of skimpy lunches that feature things like hummus or bean salad as the main or even sole item.

It’s gotten so bad that students in Massachusetts have begun a schoolyard black market in chocolate syrup, selling it by the squirt.

And this being a government program, of course the cost of lunches has risen 25 cents or more.

Michelle Obama has always struck me as the type of mom who forces her kids to eat carrots then won’t even give them seconds, but her Cruella DeVille-esque mothering instinct does not give her the right to make kids across the country choose between her idea of cuisine or going hungry.

If the government was serious about making a dent in the obesity problem, it could start by doing things like not allowing corn syrup to be poured into every food at the market, or maybe forcing ranchers and farmers to cut back on the hormone treatments that turn meat into muck, or stopping the hiding of sloppy carcass leavings behind names like “finely textured beef filler.”

Has it even occurred to the geniuses in Washington that children are growing, and that putting them on calorie-restricted diets during childhood might harm them for life?

I’m sure it hasn’t. We’re all just children to Big Daddy government.

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