Michelle Obama Perpetuates Black Lies

If you thought Michelle Obama was arrogant, conceited and stuck up during her husband’s first term in office, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Last week, she called in to the nationally syndicated radio program, Tom Joyner Morning Show.  Joyner is a black radio host.  He is also the founder of BlackAmericaWeb.com and is involved with a number of other programs and projects, all geared at the black community.  If a white man had the same background, interests and resume, only he concentrated on just the white community, he would be labeled a racist and/or white supremacist.

During the broadcast, the topic centered on the election victory, the economy and Obama’s agenda.  In her responses, Michelle Obama stated:

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“And that’s a whole lot of not-truth-telling that happens, if you know what I mean.”

“Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country.  Yet what wins out is people just going to the polls and voting.  In the end, that is how this democracy works, and that’s really just the message.”

It’s obvious from her comment and how she said it that she is accusing Republicans of lying and voter suppression.  She believes that the Democrats were honest, forthright and above board during the election.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch took exception to the First Lady’s comments issued the following statement:

“Mrs. Obama’s accusations about minority vote suppression are racially divisive and show a dangerous disregard for the truth.  We are aware of no evidence of actual voter suppression.  If Mrs. Obama has some, it should be disclosed.”

“The fact is that early exit polls reflected a pro-Obama turnout by minorities that in some key states actually exceeded numbers seen during his historic election in 2008. As MSNBC reported, ‘Non-white voters delivered a wake-up call to Republicans Tuesday night. Turning out in droves for Obama, Latino voters alone split 71% for Obama compared to Mitt Romney’s 27%. High voter turnout by minorities reflected a huge demographic shift that Republicans ignored at their own peril.’”

“Voter ID requirements are widely supported and are no impediment to voting.”

“The First Lady’s reckless remarks are part of the Obama administration’s continued assault on voter ID and election integrity. This is despite that fact that an election night survey of voters by Judicial Watch, in partnership with Breitbart.com, showed a large majority of respondents (65%) “strongly support” voters being required to show an official government ID when voting. Support cut across racial lines, with 52% of Blacks and 64% of Hispanics strongly believing that IDs should be required.”

Actually, Fitton is wrong as there was evidence of voter intimidation by members of the New Black Panthers, but nothing was done about it.  In 2008, the same group was caught on video tape physically intimidating voters with the threat of violence, but Eric Holder’s Justice Department refused to prosecute and was ordered by the White House to drop the case.

Her statements are racist lies that have flowed so easily out of her and Barack’s mouths.  It only serves to further divide a nation, which I believe is intentional.  If Obama can generate a racial war between blacks, Hispanics and whites, and then another war between the wealthy and middle classes, it will make it easier for him to take emergency action measures to secure national peace.  This ultimately could allow him to assume a dictatorial role, as singer Harry Belafonte had suggested and the last vestiges of free America will be gone.

It also seems that the Obamas care less about the economy and how so many Americans are hurting as they are spending and wasting taxpayer money at an alarming pace.  In her conversation with Joyner, she shared with him about how she is spending our hard earned dollars:

“We are entertaining like crazy.  We got folks coming in and out of the house.  (Laughter.)  We got a lot of people coming over.  It’s a good time, good spirit.  Everybody is feeling real positive.  But I hope that our President gets a break because he certainly needs one.  So hopefully we’ll be able to get away and spend some family time so that we can come back rejuvenated, renewed, ready for an inauguration, and then four more years of a lot of good work getting done.”

If they had just one ounce of compassion for the American people in today’s economy, they wouldn’t be wasting so much of our tax dollars and then bragging about it.  But they don’t, so they won’t.  In the meanwhile, we all have no choice but to scale back our Christmas and New Year’s parties because the feds have taken more of our money to pay for all of the Obama’s ‘entertaining like crazy.’

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